Keeping track of meal and post-meal BG: pictures

One more idea for the tracking… if you have a phone you take pictures with, you could just snap a pic of your dinner and a screenshot of the time or something like that (and pic of your pump screen for the bolus?). I do this frequently when I’d like to have access to info later. It maybe sounds crazy because it maybe is, but you could keep track of a week’s worth of dinners and post-meal spikes to scroll through when you have a new theory… without sweating over the task.


Kind of having a “duh, I should have thought of that” moment here. :laughing:


Just be careful with it. I now have a file of like 8,342 pictures of my meter and pump screen with no idea what’s what. With great power comes great danger of taking too many pictures of stuff you don’t really need to remember.


I’m a somewhat compulsive cleaner, meaning I regularly delete photos because I don’t want anything too cluttered, so either this will be great, or the million extra pictures will drive me even more crazy. :blush:


Me too!!

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There used to be diabetes app for that, but it seems to have disappeared :frowning: . Possibly another one sprang up recently. The nice thing about the app was that you could label the meal and search for it as well.

I think that Diatribe may have written about this app once.

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Meal Memory is the one that I don’t think has been updated. Here’s diaTribe’s review of it.

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I used to keep track of everything in mySugr but it eventually became overwhelming- it was just too hard for me to keep track of EVERYTHING. I kind of like the idea of just snapping a couple photos when it’s a meal I want to keep track of and remember what I did. Like @Nickyghaleb said though, I’m sure at some point I’ll be wondering what the heck the picture was for.

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I used mySugr at first, too. Definitely became overwhelming when life got crazy!

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I use MySugr all of the time. It really can be tailored to your needs in terms of what fields you see on the screen, so you don’t have to use everything. If you have an iPhone then you can feed your Dexcom data into the app through the Health app.

What I do is enter my BG before a meal, enter my bolus, enter my carbs, and write a short description of my meal. You have the option to take a photo of your meal (which I don’t do). That would eliminate entering a description and the carbs. You can choose to enter a post-meal BG or just look at your CGM graph. I often use the search tool to search a meal that I ate in the past in order to see how I handled it and if it worked.

For example, tonight I ate some chili from Costco that I have not eaten before. I extended my bolus which I noted in MySugr. We’ll see what happens. Next time I eat the chili I will know whether or not to do the same thing.

Note that I pay for PRO, so some of these features may not be available in the free version. Anyway, it works for me and I love it.


There is a great but little known diabetes app called “Bg Monitor Diabetes” whose feature list being able to take meal photos. One of the advantages is it stores, labels and organizes them for future reference.

It’s for Android and on the Play Store. I highly recommend it.


I am just downloading it right now!

Do you know one that is also on the Apple App store?

@Michel Great!

Unfortunately I really know next to nothing about iPhone. Never had one.

EH does the snap a photo thing when we are in data collection mode.

You could always quickly edit the photo and add text to keep track? I’m not sure if the Android ecosystem allows this but the iPhone does.


I would like to have a diabetes diary app where I can make notes of patterns I notice, or things I observe, or in general what I want to keep track of. I would like to be abl eto search it, and to take pics that I annotate as well.

I use MyNetDiary (diabetes version) for all my data, although my dad is testing Glooko. One feature we always need is to have an app both on Android and iOS, because we have both types of phones in the family.