Upgrading my tandem pump software - ended up with a new pump

I have to migrate to the G7 and that requires a new piece of software for my tandem x2 pump. For some reason my existing pump would not accept the software update - it kept insisting the pump software was up to date. So I called Tandem tech support and spent about 45 minutes with an exceedlingly nice tech who tried to troubleshoot everything about my setup. Still not getting the software to update the pump, so she sent me a new pump, and I sent her back the old one.

I have always had good experience with tandem tech support, but here’s my question … I get the new pump and it already has the new software on it, so I can move to the Dexcom G7 now, but the tandem folks tell me I now have a new software update available. So I tried to download that software to this new pump and the same thing happens with the downloader program - it tells me that my pump is up to date!

Maybe some of you have had this problem and there might be another fix to it than getting a new pump? Not critical now … but just wondering if there’s some thing I’m not doing that could make this go smoother ???


I don’t know but you might try and see what version of software you have. It might be standard protocol to have you check for updates.

On your pump navgate to:

My Pump -->Pump Info and scroll down to t slim software and see if you are on v.7.8


Thanks Jim - good idea - I am on v 7.8, so the mistake was in Tandem thinking I needed to update my pump - it’s already updated.


You can be absolutely sure- go to my CGM, scroll down it should say at the bottom "change sensor type. It won’t do anything unless you’re starting a new sensor.

I was able to do the update ok. I have an endo visit tomorrow and will request being prescribed G7.

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Can you explain the “have to” part? Is it because of insurance, is it because of Tandem?

Why do you have to?

I am nervous about being forced at some point.

Whenever I’ve upgraded software related to CGMs, I’ve had to do supplemental training to basically be approved to use it. Maybe that’s what’s up? The software is up to date because it was shipped with the software pre-installed, but your training in Tandem’s records might not be? If you’re getting the notification on your Tandem Source account, might be worth one more call.

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@eric - I’m sorry it took so long to reply - right after I got my new pump, I went on a trip to Asia and am just getting back to this thread now.

I haven’t been formally ‘forced’ to go to the G7 yet, but i expect that Dexcom will be winding down the G6 in the next year or so, just as they have with other models. So eventually it will no longer be available through the regular channels, and insurance will force us to move on to the G7.

do you feel the g7 is not as good for you as the g6?


I don’t like that fact that I can’t do 2 quick calibrations on the G7 to correct it when it is way off. On the G6 you can do that. But on the G7 you have to wait 5 minutes between calibrations. That’s annoying, because if it is way off, you should be able to fix it.

I don’t like the interface on the G7 app. To me it’s not as intuitive as the G6 app.

No restarts on the G7, which is unfortunate. The G6 let’s you restart, which is a nice option.

The G7 allows you to silence all alerts but still use the app, which is a good option. The G6 does not allow that, so that’s a plus for the G7.

The biggest problem I have with the G7 right now though is that I can’t get it to connect to Loop. And it’s connections to Xdrip are very spotty. The G6 works better for me with those.

So I am hoping the G6 stays around longer.


On the G6 it doesn’t work many times though…it’s like the CGM thinks it knows bet sometimes and refuses to update.

Did you make sure to clear out all the other Bluetooth connections?


I have seen this sometimes when the calibration is a lot different, like 50 points off or something. And it makes me wait 15 minutes to re-enter it.

My workaround is to calibrate halfway, like 25 points. It accepts it. Then go down another25 points to the real number. And do that number twice.

Yes, the CGM might think it knows better. But we know how to outsmart it. :joy:


In the early days of G6 if you were calibrating a big gap it would essentially brick the app for a period of time and it wouldn’t provide readings.

I haven’t seen that in a long time so they must have fixed/changed something.


I’ve always had a problem getting the G6 to understand that I know better than it does based on fingersticks. I think I’ve posted venting posts about it here before.


Me too. I have 2 more months in warranty on current Tandem X2 pump and will stay on Dexcom G6 as long as possible.

When i get new pump, I can keep the old one at its current version.


When a pump goes out of warranty Dexcom will not update the software. So if you go to the G7 at a later date, your backup has no Control IQ and is just a dumb pump. Wish they would change that!