Ticwatch Pro and Dexcom G6


I’m hoping someone can help me… I have the dexcom g6 and just purchased a ticwatch pro. I can’t figure out how to get the watch to show my blood sugar. Just a heads up I’m not tech savvy, but I really hope I didn’t waste my money… Also, I should be receiving the tandem pump with control IQ any day, and will need to pair it as well.

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You have choices…

  1. download the Dexcom app from the Play store ON YOUR WATCH and pair

  2. use Xdrip on phone and watch.

Both options will work with a Tandem pump. Just depends on what your actual needs are beyond seeing your blood sugars

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I can’t get dexcom app or xdrip to come up in the search on the playstore, or from the apps on my phone.

@GoldenJackass to install XDrip:

  1. Install XDrip on phone - latest APK here
  2. Install Wear OS from the Play store on your phone
  3. connect Wear OS and your watch
  4. Open Play store on watch, scroll down and XDip will be available.
  5. On XDrip on your phone, enable Wear OS (in settings)
  6. Enjoy

There are some additional details here.

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