Then vs. now

Ok confession. I was so diligent about flatlining in normoglycemia-land when pregnant. I did not let everything go after the baby arrived 4.5 months ago… but. My flatline moved up. Like way up (I will post before and after photos.) the reasons are: 1. I was plagued by horrible (hormone and breast-feeding related) lows at night for weeks after and am now (still) overcompensating. 2. I need all the sleep I can get and I do not want to hear any low alarms. 3. Whatever else excuse I can find. First, a photo of the main culprit



Super Adorable!! No one here will hassle you for wanting some sleep while caring for an infant. Whatever it takes. Both of my older versions of your bundle slept terribly until they were four. Before my first child came on the scene I asked the neighbor with six kids when we would get a reliable nights sleep, and he replied when your youngest is four. Darn if he wasn’t right in our case. I have my fingers crossed that your experience is miles better than ours.

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Still trying though…

Oops. Meant to do the 90 day…

Haha thank you!! Everyone says she will sleep through the night when she is not breastfeeding anymore lol :grimacing: Maybe that will be the day my BG average comes down​:roll_eyes: Or wait… I plan on more kids soon. Huh​:thinking:

They are so worth it!! But man, there are some days you wouldn’t mind trading places with your child-free friends. Then someone comes and hugs me, and I forget about the bad days…


Super cute baby! It’s worth it, whatever BG troubles you may have!

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Beautiful picture! You’ll treasure that one forever. Gratz on the baby and gratz for managing as best you can with all your other obligations. Hang in there! This, too, shall pass! Before and After look great to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maria, whatever excuse you give in writing, the pic will trump it :slight_smile:

FYI, my 12-year-old son has horrendous hormone peaks every day, so I can feel your pain there.

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