Big improvement!


I haven’t had one of these in a while…and wish I knew how it happened!


That is a truly lovely line. I wish you knew the secret sauce so you could repeat it at will, but celebrate anyway. Just not with 200 carbs. :slight_smile:


@CatLady, my goodness, what a beautiful curve!!!

What was the day like?


Thanks, guys! The last few weeks were rather stressful and my numbers were all over the place. Last night’s was the most sound sleep I’ve had in a while and I really needed it! As for my day: led a late-morning yoga class and adjusted basals accordingly, ate lunch and some small snacks while I puttered in the afternoon, glass of wine with dinner and some extra carbs to head off a low, no bedtime snacks. Go figure!




That. Is. Beautiful!


Nice job…is it wrong to jealous :slightly_smiling_face: