Best overnight EVER!



Nice! That is perfection! Gratz!


Wish I knew why!!



I’ve given up trying to figure out why, and just celebrate that it hapened!


Wow! I’d have to be comatose to get a line like that.


It’s the magic of diabetes!


Way. To. Go.! Next stop All Day.


Great line! Enjoy the win. :sunglasses:


Nice work! So cool!

Did it feel like…sleeping?!?

We are in the not-sleeping phase. I’m very thankful that somebody somewhere is sleeping despite diabetes!


Lol, sleeping! Sometimes I wake myself up just to check my blood sugar even when there has been no alarm!!! :crazy_face:

I actually had been sound asleep in the hour before that little rise about midnight…but woke up to the sounds of an awful cat fight!! Went downstairs to investigate and send the instigator to the basement. Then I heard a weird swishing/bubbling sound from the utility room and found that the filtration system was failing. Ran up 2 flights to get hubby, ran back down to get model number, ran back up to get iPad to look up manual, ran back down…fun, fun, fun! So why my BG leveled out after all that nonsense is a mystery to me!!j


I wouldn’t have guessed that exercise during sleep is what it takes to get a flat line…food for thought. /s


Holy cannoli! Maybe I should take my broken up sleep and not wish for anything else. The Dexcom alarms sounding positively mild compared to your evening! I am kind of glad you woke up and figured out that there was an issue though. Maybe your flatlined because you had a ton of exercise?


Although, now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m sure that @Eric will be devising a plan for this to happen on a more regular basis. Maybe a treadmill in bed? Or something similar?


Yes, probably cut open a water bed and swim!


@CatLady that is an Amazing trace! Congrats!