0530 and all's well in deafville

This after just going to sleep at past 2AM before this rise began, after four “smartie” treatments (24g carbs) because he lingered at 50 for nearly an hour with zero IOB and zero basal coming in… Literally deaf to the world and didn’t hear anything until now. Nights like these make me DESPISE diabetes and why I always celebrate the good BGs, trends, etc.


Sorry, man. That’s rough.

I slept so hard last night bc the last three nights have been full of low alerts and signal loss alerts. I slept in our guest bedroom some of those nights just so my husband can get some sleep. No use in having two zombies!


i hate when this happens…sending you and Liam big hugs!

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Looks like a rough night! I’m glad you celebrate all the good trends!! Helps offset the rough times.

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My son is still recovering from diabetes camp and its associated highs. We hit 400 really easily for a few weeks after camp. He did something similar (i.e. low treatment) and sailed to 400 between innings of a game…

Dia has it’s moments. Sorry now is one of those for you…


I went from spending the previosu three to four nights constantly out of range (either high or low) and half-sleeping through alarms to a total flatline last night. It was blissful, but WHY OH WHY is there such variability without any changes on my part?!?! If I knew what was causing it I could repeat these flatlines every night, but they just seem utterly random.

I hope you get a better sleep tonight.


Two nights ago had fried chicken for dinner. I overdid it with insulin (30 units) and had to correct with some carbs before bed.

Last night, with the exact same preprandial flat line and no IOB just like the night before, I ate exactly the same thing and the same amount for dinner. But I was smart this time. To keep from going low I took 5 units ( out of 30) less insulin.

Last night I spent a few hours and took a total of 30 units trying to bring down a high in the high 200’s. Go figure.


I had a similar experience with pizza recently…thought I’d nailed the formula, then the next time was a stubborn high fight late into the night in the 200s.

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I think I see the problem… T-Mobile…

Kidding, that looks like a long night. Hope things settle out over time.

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Yeah, we live too far in the sticks - there isn’t any “good” provider where we live unfortunately.

Looking back at this, it seems like a delayed metabolism of the carbs.

For whatever reason, there are times when you can take carbs, you know it’s enough, but you wait and wait and still don’t come up. So you take more, and then it all hits…

You already know about fat, which is discussed here a lot. But soluble fiber can also slow carb absorption. Certain types of beans contain substances that can slow the absorption of carbohydrates. I think dehydration can also slow everything down.

I am mentioning this because you said, “zero IOB and zero basal coming in”, so it doesn’t seem like it was too much insulin, just the carbs ultimately catching up.

I remember a very frequent conversation with my parents when I was young. All of the time, it would be:

Me: “I still feel low.”

Mom or Dad: “You’ve had enough, just give it time…”

Me: :angry:


Yes I totally agree with this and I had thought of this last night. I even asked my wife “how long do we just let him stay at 50?”. It was a catch 22… Keep giving carbs and get him up (eventually) and suffer what you see above, or just let him linger at 50 for another hour or two? We had to decide on the extra carbs even though before I finally got to sleep at 0230 I figured there was a good chance that it would happen.

What I didn’t count on though was being so tired I didn’t hear the high alerts so that I could correct.

I think I made the right choice but it still wasn’t pleasant either way. There was no good option in this case.


I know this is tough, especially for a kid.

Sometimes I sit through a low, just waiting, because I know it will eventually pop back.

And other times I take insulin and more carbs at the same time. And then I wait and eventually I can see it start to come back up. I can be at 90 or something, and I know within an hour I will be at 200+. Sure enough, it always does that after a long extended low. And I kind of laugh at the fact I took such a small amount of insulin when I was 50, instead of taking more. :grinning:


It’s just crazy that some nights fast carbs like Smarties or glucose tabs truly are fast acting. Other times it’s as if you ate a slice of :pizza:

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Oh, just thought of this.

Liver glycogen goes straight to the blood. There is no delay from the digestive tract. Absolutely nothing gets in the way of liver glycogen!! And it is faster than anything you can eat.

So…mini-doses of glucagon would work for you on something like this.

You can open up the vial of glucagon (not the liquid, the powder). The top of the vial pulls right off with pliers.

Separate it out into 10 equal amounts. That would be the equivalent of 10 units of glucagon (one glucagon kit is given with a total of 100 units of liquid mix). You can use a scale to evenly separate it.

You can use syringes to store your separated powder in.

Now, when you want to micro-dose glucagon, take 10 units of liquid from the vial, mix it with one of the divided powder segments you made, and inject.

10 units of glucagon is about a 40 point bump for me. So you can inject half of it, or whatever.

But anyway, you would get 10 micro-doses from a single glucagon kit if you do that. And you don’t need to worry it about it not lasting. It lasts forever until you mix it!

Perfect for this type of low you saw.

Make sense? I can try more detail if needed. Just rushing through this write-up.


This is the sort of thing that makes FUD awesome. That this sort of strategy is one of those, “Hey I forgot to mention…” thoughts…but it reads to me like a way better science fair project than what I came up with in 8th grade.


Wild Turkey does… not recommended for toddlers though


@ClaudnDaye I’m sorry that happened. You and @ErinElizabeth are generally so on it - and I’m sure you needed the sleep. Sucks that super sleep happened when Liam was headed high.

I will say though that I love the resulting thread though, so thanks for sharing what happened even though it wasn’t good news. Lots of good points in here made by folks - and even a few explainations that help to resolve some confusion I’ve had recently (beans! @Eric, who knew?!?)