The longest night

I had a book club and Mitch took the kids out for Indian and ice cream. He was on BG duty for the night but he fell asleep before he could give a bolus for the secondary spike we see with high fat foods like ice cream and takeout Indian. We slept through tons of alarms and when I woke up he was 402 mg/DL :frowning:

He hasn’t been this high in a long, long time – probably at least a few months. And over the course of the night we gave him 6.5 units of insulin total, when his normal basal rate at night is 0.1 units/hr. He’s still not down to normal at 173 mg/DL, and his sensor session is about to end. And he needs to eat breakfast eventually. I’m not sure if I should bolus him now, when data’s about to go down for a few hours. I’m not sure if the crazy amount of insulin he needed last night is indicative of a trend or just from eating insane amounts of food because I didn’t see exactly what he ate at dinner. Really not looking forward to the next few hours.

I’ll be thinking about you guys @TiaG. The stress from these events is unmatched. If it were me, I would take it slow and steady…only giving Liam small snacks as we fix his out of whack BG. He won’t starve by skipping a meal or two. Small 1 or 2 carb snacks while you get him back into the right range/groove would probably be my strategy. I think Samson if like Liam in that his morning meals spike the most…no telling what his meal would do with the nighttime events still in his system!

It’s ok. Years from now, Samson won’t remember the high BG, but he will remember the ice cream. :yum: :icecream:


I don’t mind about the :icecream: I am kicking myself for not staying awake longer and doing the secondary bolus we usually do. He did have a pretty big smile on his face when he came home.


Well… I bit the bullet. I did a finger prick, he was 155 down from 173, so I gave Samson an english muffin with some peanut butter. The trouble with delaying his breakfast is that he has a brother very close in age who IS eating breakfast and needs to because he’s off to camp today. So I’m just going to be testing a lot for the next few hours. Keep your fingers crossed.

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@TiaG, this sounds awful. I’m so sorry.

You and your husband sound like you make a wonderful team, which is what makes your post doubly heart-wrenching. Just last night I was rereading your post from last week about having been up 7 times to treat Samson’s lows. I hope you can shake the anger, guilt or self-blame today (it would be so easy to get stuck there). Hoping that Samson’s bg regulates soon and that you all can enjoy the weekend.

What book were you reading?

@Irish, thanks for the kind words. It’s easy to go down a what-if spiral, but I know that does Samson no favors so I do try to short-circuit that thinking pattern.

The book was not great – It was: A Hobbit, A Wardrobe and a Great War. Would not recommend, even if you’re into either C.S. Lewis or Tolkien.

It’s a nonfiction book club but I’ve been thinking lately I need to get back more into fiction.

@TiaG If being high for six or seven hours was really a very bad thing, I would be dead by now. But I’ve survived it for more than 46 years.



true. I think that for those of us who are perfectionists, it can be easy to get so focused on the numbers as a metric of failure or success, when really he will probably face many many of these over the next decades. Hopefully fewer and fewer (and eventually zero if there’s a cure) but I definitely shouldn’t let it get to me so much.


Well, double drat. A horrible high, paired with the potential for partner-blaming, paired with a book club that was an attempt at a life outside that proved not even worth the effort. That sounds like an awful night all around. Really hope things settle down and you have a really good weekend somehow! Keep us posted through the day.

WEll, he made it through the sensor restart session pretty seamlessly: 155 when eating, then 138, 126 and 167 when the warmup session completed. Unfortunately, now he’s 194 and rising despite me giving him a bolus right as the session restarted. We’ll see if he’s just running super high today.
I was really tempted to give him a sick day temp basal but held back.

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With your elder son going to camp today, will you be in the car a lot, or was Samson going to school today?

Could always scale back the sick basal if you’re around to do it and it proves too effective. What a rough day for you all! Did you have to stay home from work?

well, I work from home (my office is in New York, I live in SF), but I had to keep Samson home from school till 10am, when the sensor restarted. The camp right now is pretty close to home. NExt week though we’ve signed Zane up for “adventure” camp which will be canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding and biking, and it’s pretty far. So lots of driving.

Samson came into range before lunch, so I didn’t wind up doing the sick basal and I think it should be okay. We’ll see.

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Well done trusting your instincts and righting the ship!