Some nights

Not going to mark up the image, but this was us last night/this morning.

He started rising at around 0030 and was given a .30 correction and I went to sleep…woke up at 0230 him at 266 so he was given another .50. Then I sat awake for another 1.5 hours just giving him an additional .30 every 30 minutes. Fell asleep at 0400 again, then woke up this morning again at 0700 and he hadn’t come down nearly at all during the night even with 1.6 units given. So I gave him another .50.

You guessed it…he suddenly crashed hard and I was asleep again…didn’t notice until 82 (just single arrow down, though). So I gave him a pack of smarties and went back to sleep until I started getting the ‘hyperalert’ alarms from the receiver and I looked and saw “low”. Checked him and he was 48, so I gave him another pack of smarties. (each pack is 6g carbs).

Sat there waiting…checked him in another 15 min and he was TWENTY SEVEN…:: grumbles :: So he got a third pack of smarties.

Now, as you can see…he’s nearing 300.

Nights like these (which fortunately aren’t often this bad) make the really good “flat line” nights really helpful. lol.


Did you steal our Dexcom tracing from yesterday? Samson was in the 200s plus ALL NIGHT despite my corrections PLUS openAPS working to bring him down. Then of course because he was set to eat breakfast I gave him a bolus just before he woke up – and he dropped down to LOW.

Such a great start to the day, huh :roll_eyes:

I wonder if it’s something about summer.


What pod day is he on?

It must be the moon.


Changed out yesterday, mid-day.

sometimes I wonder if there’s a bubble or something but usually we will reprime to double-check…the night before last i was really tired.

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Lately, Liam has been messing with my phone too which isn’t helping. The iPhone has a system setting for sound volume and he’s turning that all the way down. I’ve told him to stop it, but he thinks it’s a game now. Then, if I forget to turn it back up (and the actual volume), I don’t hear much during the night. Some nights, I’m so tired I don’t even hear the change rattling in the metal bowl. Last night was one of those nights apparently…I was up a lot, but apparently not enough.

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Maybe not so easy with kids, but do you guys ever do corrections with a shot? I’ve started taking a shot if I haven’t come done after one two two corrections or if I’m not budging much after an hour or two. It seems to bypass any absorption issues that the pump site may be having. to prevent the stacking and later crashing to some degree…

I also have problems sleeping through alarms at night, to the point that I’ve actually currently turned off my high alarm so that I don’t get that multiple times a day. I figure the fewer alarms I get the more likely I am to pay attention to them. I check my BG enough during the day that I don’t miss much, and at night I’m willing to risk running high if it means training myself to wake up to alarms (plus, I run high if I sleep through alarms anyway, so not much difference there).

Hope tomorrow night is better and you get more sleep.


We haven’t yet (because we haven’t started on our supply of novolog pen capsules yet). We’re still on the old supply of vials. Using a syringe doesn’t work because it doesn’t dose finely enough for Liam…I would end up giving him a whole unit with those things. I have to be able to fine tune the doses. .3 to .5 is usually as high as I go for corrections because .3 is “1 6 carb snack” for us so that helps me keep track of how many carbs he may need if he comes crashing down.

if there were a more fine method of dosing with shots, I’d do it, sure.

Whenever we switch over to extracting the insulin for the PODS, from the novolog pen capsules, then I would have an instant method for giving him 1/2 unit shots if necessary, because we do have the novolog pen.

I really hate giving him shots because HE hates them so much. But if he gets over 250 without coming down for a few hours I usually do.


@TiaG, what needles/method do you use for shots for Samson? The syringes just don’t cut it for my purposes.

Well we do have a pen – but we also use vial and syringe. If he’s high I never give less than 0.5 of 1 unit anyways. Also if I want to give a little less than 0.5 I will just turn off his basal for an hour or something if he’s going low.

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What are these? Are you referring to pen cartridges for the reusable pens?

I should have given him .5 to 1 whole unit more last night than I did. Maybe he wouldn’t have been high all night. You know how it goes, though…damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Had I done multiple .5 to 1 units, he’d have crashed then stayed low more time.

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with these highs it really is timing. I feel like at night our son is more sensitive to insulin – but he can also be more resistant on some nights. I haven’t yet figured out if it’s a hormonal thing (like a growth spurt) or if it’s about what he ate for dinner or his activity levels during the day.

Samson just transitioned into the TK program from his preschool and he’s no longer napping. So he doesn’t have that period of high insulin resistance mid-day that he used to have while he naps. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Of course, all wild speculation at this pint, we’d need to have a lot more information to decide if that’s related.

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Liam was definitely insulin resistant last night. Usually .30 unit when he’s at 200 will bring him down to 150 easily. Last night I gave him a lot more than usual and he still didn’t drop. And he had basal running continuously at .10/hr.

Try the diluent you got. You can do anything you want with that stuff.

If you dilute 10% insulin with 90% diluent, it would make a 1 unit shot from a syringe into 0.1 units of insulin.

I am happy to hear that!

If it is not a day 3 problem, at least you don’t have to worry about that right now.

The weakness of any pump is variability with infusion location and day. So as long as you are not seeing this, count this bad night as a one-off and be grateful you don’t have to think about switching out every 2 days right now!

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Yes! I’m going to do this! I hadn’t quite wrapped my head around when/how I was going to use the supply I got. This is perfect. It will make using the syringes much more definitive!

Thanks Eric!


yes. Sorry about the wording! :stuck_out_tongue:

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