Flatliners (kind of) for the night

This is about as good as we can ever expect seeing for the next X number of years, and it’s only a partial shot, but I wanted to add it. No, it’s not “flat flat”…but it’s flat for our son! lol. It was such a good night that I was freaking out…I was waking up NOT because of the usual sirens, but because of the LACK of the usual sirens during the night. Anyway…not sure what it’s going to do today, but we really enjoyed this respite from the usual siren sound every 15 minutes.


Great job :slight_smile:
Looks pretty good to me!! For us a flat night is never perfectly flat either: It usually oscillates at some point between 80 and 140. I don’t know if it’s just the dosages for toddlers aren’t ever quite perfect and so we’re always down- and up-shifting between slightly too much and slightly too little basal, or if they have more shifts physiologically, but I really am not sure how we’d get a perfect straight line at 100 with him.


Experimenting has shown me something with regards to Liam. “Micro-boluses” during the night in the amounts of .05 and .10 do NOTHING to Liam when he’s over 200. But .15 and .20 seems to be the sweet spots. .20 sometimes brings him down too low, but .15 seems to create this type of smooth landing. Will experiment more with .15 and .20. But I’ve found time and time again that .05 and .10 are pretty much wasted bumps…they don’t move him at all – sometimes he goes UP after .05 and .10 micro boluses.

We’ll get a perfect 100 straight line, I believe, when they are able to (at least in the case of Liam) a) communicate more effectively about how he “feels”, b) able to become more actively involved in the process of control and c) understands this disease enough to make informed decisions by himself.

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Hey that looks awesome! I mean, perfect!

Don’t worry about if the line is not perfectly flat. Mine never look perfectly flat either.
Staying in range is the important part. Dexcom lines are not entered into beauty pageants.


@ClaudnDaye To see that in a three year old is AMAZING!! You must be doing something right. :raised_hands:


Great job in figuring all of this out. It really is amazing when it all comes together and you get a nice night. I hope you have a little respite from the growth and get a week of sleep for you and your wife.


@ClaudnDaye, what a WONDERFUL track!

I am so cheered to see this after the very hard weeks you have had!!!