The TAG page on FUD, or how to find all threads tagged "horsecrap"

There is a specific TAG page for all tags on FUD, a page that is really easy to find because it is the forum name followed by /tags/:

I had such a good laugh reading @docslotnick’s thread on the last Reader’s Digest’s “research” article – part of the laugh, for me, was that it was tagged “horsecrap” :slight_smile: . I am easily amused as you can see!

So, if you want to check all the threads tagged “horsecrap”:

  • go to the tag page at

  • click on the “name” link on the upper left hand of the page – this will sort all tags alphabetically (otherwise they sort by frequency first, alphabetically second)

  • look for your tag

  • click on the tag, and get the list of all threads tagged by that name – QED!!

Do notice that the page is named, for the horsecrap tag: So, if you know your tag name, you can go straight to the listing page!


@Michel That is great info to have! Thanks.

BTW, I simply coopted the tag “horsecrap” from @Michel 's previous thread about the horsecrap they seem to incessantly print in the Readers Digest. So as with so many other things, he is the innovator of that ultra descriptive tag.


I too was highly amused by the “Horsecrap” tag. I first saw it on @docslotnick post and literally laughed my butt off. It was a great attention grabbler.