Original "Welcome to FUDiabetes"

I am finalizing it for launch. This is the original.

Welcome to Diabetes Unlimited, where you will find that you are not alone. We exist to help each other on our journey with Diabetes. While we take seriously the risks and complications that come with this disease, we categorically reject the notion that this diagnosis is a death sentence. We believe that Diabetes does not have to limit you as you live. The journey is not easy, and the opinions expressed here are not always mild, but we can assure you that we are here to help you along the way. We are glad to have your voice and questions in the mix, so make yourself at home, post when you are ready, and welcome aboard the community known as FUDiabetes.

I’m going to include some links to wikis too:
Helpful Books, click here
Often seen Diabetes Acronyms, click here

Others still in content team development:
Questions for the Newly Diagnosed (http://forum.diabetesunlimited.com/t/questions-for-the-newly-diagosed/1131)
Glossary of Terms http://forum.diabetesunlimited.com/t/glossary-of-terms/112
Gestational Diabetes, click here
Treatment Options, click here

I’m loving this Welcome message!


(Why aren’t pinned posts staying at the top? Or am I misunderstanding the concept of pinning?)

Because, in your personal preferences, it says that once you have read a whole pinned thread, it scrolls down. It is a default. We can change that default for everyone – should we? It will only apply to new members, btw.

Good question… what do you think? I supppse it depends how we’re going to manage pinned posts… it will get obnoxious if eventually there’s 100 pinned posts permanently at the top

IMHO, there should be just one pinned category:

★ New here? Where to begin…

Which should include:

Mission Statement
Statement of Values
Terms of Service
Using FUDiabetes/Discourse platform
Searching FUDiabetes (How to find the info/answers you need)

Newly Diagnosed?
Looking to improve your glycemic control?
Looking for info about Afrezza?
Feeling stressed out?

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Also add “Introduction” to that list as the very first thing, or one of the first things! I like this idea.

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Let’s not forget a friendly nudge to complete the member profile/preferences/about me. :slight_smile: