FUDiabetes: a difference place on the web

FUDiabtes was founded by over 30 experienced diabetes forum members, who got together to create the right type of diabetes community.

What makes us different?

  • we believe in a life without limits for people with diabetes. We are not content with the status quo. We want to do more, and we want to do it better. We pool our knowledge in our community, to find new and better ways to live a life without limits.

  • we are the only self-driven and self-managed community on the web. Our moderation practices are the result of our collective know-how in what works and what doesn’t in online communities of our kind. Our experienced members rotate through our moderation positions and carry the backing of the full community.

  • we want to be a long-term home for any person with diabetes who wants it to be so. We encourage conversations from all viewpoints – even unpopular ones, as long as they can be supported by reason and science. Our differences are our strength – because we are not afraid to hear any position, we are better able to build a fuller understanding of the realities around diabetes. In fact, diversity of opinion is so important to us that we are the only community on the web with a jury system for long-term bans.

  • We expect our members to take on new projects for our community. We back our members when they create and drive new directions for our site. We are ready to support our members’ own local initiatives to fight diabetes through our software platform and our editorial policy.

  • We believe in aggressively fighting diabetes. We experiment with all kinds of new techniques to improve diabetes management, avoid complications, and remove limits in our lives. We believe only what we can prove. We strongly support the scientific process in all we do. We look for the latest research and we share it. Our health care providers are our advisers, not the masters of our lives.

We call ourselves “Unlimiteds.” If you believe in the same ideas, why don’t you join us?