Why are we different?

@Bradford had requested a while ago that we specifically discuss what makes us different. I had originally thought that we should add it in one of our other documents, but, having gone through them all, I don’t see it fitting well anywhere, so I think we should just write it up on its own.

What makes us different?

My thoughts:

  • We are self-managed, self-moderated and self-driven

  • We want to be a long-term home for any person with diabetes who wants it to be so.

  • We expect our members to take on community projects, and we are ready to support our members’ own initiatives to fight diabetes

  • We believe in aggressively fighting diabetes. We are not content with the status quo. We want to do more and better. We experiment and try new techniques. We pool our knowledge to find new and better ways to deal with diabetes.

What do you think?

[EDIT] @Bradford originally wrote: “FUDiabetes is a place that encourages conversations from all view points–even unpopular ones”. I may not agree with you but I will defend your right to disagree. Unlike highly manicured and strictly censored diabetes forums, FUDiabetes allow all respectful view points to flourish, ect, ect.


One thing that makes us different:
Ours has a “Sam”. Nobody else has that!

Sorry, just late night silliness. Back to serious now…:neutral_face:


Not so silly, Eric. Openness and transparency, that’s what inderlies this new forum, and all of us rallying around Sam and Rose…



We have souls


I like this a lot. Nice work @Michel

I like this a lot. Good work. I am a little cynical when it comes to bold claims of our difference over against another place, because at the root of it, I don’t believe we are all that different. We’re susceptible to the same sorts of insecurities, myopic vision, bristling at critiques or corrections or even questions. If we don’t have steps in place to prevent us acting against our better angels, we’re doomed from the start.

The idea of rotated moderation is brilliant.


Have a look at this:


I like it. The “as long as it can be supported by science” regarding individual viewpoints seems a bit too strong imo… many of the things I’ve found work well for me aren’t necessarily supported by science, but by individual experience and observation… It is after all largely a discussion forum. Many of the tricks of the trade of diabetes are learned in the school of life more so than in scientific research…

Also is the word “difference” instead of “different” in the thread topic intentional?

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