How to invite your grandmother to FUDiabetes

Some people misunderstand the meaning of our name: FUDiabetes means, as we all know, For Unlimited Diabetestics. But, be that as it may, some people do not know that simple fact, and you may find it awkward to tell them: “Grandma, why don’t you join the family at FUDiabetes?”

The solution is – use a site alias. We have a good one for you:! will bring your honored ones to the SAME PLACE, and avoid any complicated explanations!

Be aware, however, that, once there, the URL on the address bar will revert to the real name. It does not matter though – our experience is that:

  • those people who would possibly misunderstand the meaning of FUDiabetes DO NOT EVER look at the address bar

  • When they do, by then they have been hooked by our extraordinary content. Like cocaine, a single exposure is often enough to make addiction to our community certain.

So don’t hesitate: invite them all, invite them twice if you have to to! is the name, but will work as well :slight_smile:


Your title is kind of funny. "**Un**vite, like the **Un**limiteds we are…

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Sometimes I wish I could unvite certain people. LOL.


You guys… I do like the word though, you are right! This is what happens when you write something too late at night :slight_smile:


I have a bunch of folks to invite here, but when I put into the search, this site doesn’t come up. Free Soda is the first to come up, next, Unlimited Carbs, and even worse. I am on Microsoft Edge, if that makes a difference. Last thing I want to do is invite people and have them “get free soda”. I only got back in here because I saved it to my “Favorite Bar”.

Strange. I just tested this on Chrome and it worked fine. (redirected to our new site)

@literaturesnob18, you are putting the address in the search box. It should be in the URL bar. In the URL bar it will redirect.

We just opened to the public, so no search engine has crawled us as yet. So Google and Bing cannot find us. But the URL address will work.

Of course, the regular URL,, works there too.

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Well that was dumb of me, but that is the sort of day I am having. I got up this morning, my brain didn’t.


Not dumb at all. I have quite a few of these days, in particular when the BG night was bad.

[EDIT] Just look at my “Unvite” goof above :slight_smile: