Did someone forget to pay the light bill at TuDiabetes?

Hi Jim26 here. Anyone know what is going on at TuDiabetes?? I get “file not found” for the last couple of days when trying to login to the forum. Seems like the chat is shut down as well.

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Yerp - there is a TUD site problem.

But - HEY !!!

Welcome to FUD where we the lights are always on.




Go Huskers ?

Go Huskers!! We need all the support we can get this year!! You have a good memory or you have a secrect path into TuDiabetes!!


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Welcome Jim!

Nebraska, eh? If you want to hang around FUD for a while, I’d love to add you to our map. FUD is the place to be anyway.


I’ve been around longer than you might now:thinking::thinking:

I am thinking you have been around on TUD for about 6 years or so.
Perhaps T1 for about 36 years?

Totally a guess.

lol…you are good. Now if you can tell my last reported A1c you will get major props:)

They seem to be moving from tudiabetes.org/forum to forum.tudiabetes.org. I think it’s a service for those who are a member of both TuD an FUD. When it starts working again, you only have to change one letter to switch between the two.


forum.tudiabetes.org. I think it’s a service for those who are a member of both TuD an FUD

Hehe! Yes, forum.tudiabetes.org works. There is probably a technical reason for this that we don’t need to get into… but we ran into this issue when we were setting up this site! There was a debate on whether or not to have make it www.fudiabetes.org/forum to go to discourse and then www.fudiabetes.org to go to wordpress, but we decided to hold off because we could immediately launch it under forum.fudiabetes.org.

I noticed they added the BT1 blood drop logo as well.

Would it be possible to redirect www.fudiabetes.org to forum.fudiabetes.org?

Yeah - They broke their alias. Why it is taking so long to put it back can only be guessed at.
As you can see, the site is functional.

Certainly. Websites do this all the time. It is a choice.