FUD Gratitude

I want to let the FUDiverse know how grateful I am for the camaraderie here. I’ve never joined or participated in forums before. I did not know what to expect here. But this is definitely the only forum I’ve ever seen that I’ve been drawn to and actually joined. It’s not ever been my style to be this involved online. That’s a compliment…at least I intend it to be!

I have made friends. I have learned so many things…beyond just tricks and hacks although those are important, but I have learned crucial diabetes knowledge that I never got from any book or doctor. Some of these recent threads comparing notes about prebolusing times and relative basal rates have really, really helped me. It just goes to show how many ends of the spectrum there are in how our bodies need to be managed. And it gives me the confidence to get back to doing what I know my body needs in the moment even if it breaks the formula or runs counter to all of the “shoulds”.

I have been secretly hoping I’d reach a kick-ass A1C milestone soon that I could share as proof of the tangible benefit of FUD. I haven’t gotten there yet. But even as I work towards that, it’s honestly not as important to me because I think I’m getting my patience, my confidence and quite honestly, my sanity back after a bit of a rough go of problem solving. About every other day I run into some kind of issue that I need to problem solve, whether it’s discerning a site issue from possible hormones or oncoming illness or whatever. But even with that, I can tell I am getting less frustrated with those D moments popping up. I’m rolling with it better and my husband can see the difference. And I believe that is because of you all. This D hobby can get tired, but you all make it so much better. And I appreciate all of you.

Thank you, FUD! This is a marvelous place created and maintained by marvelous people. Thanks for humoring my participation here! If I can ever do anything to help anyone here, please ask!


This is everyone of the co-founders sentiments as well. This is exactly why FUD was created. We ALL take away exactly what you do and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s all because of the assets like you who choose to join up!


Glad to hear that! That’s exactly what we hoped to create— a place where many different perspectives, goals, and experiences are welcome and together we learn and share and do our best on this journey. It’s not always an easy path, but knowing there are others, like every single one here on it too, makes it infinitely more pleasant!


The founders also have done an excellent job of maintaining a positive and friendly tone, and keeping the quality of the information and suggestions quite high. There are lots of other sites where there’s an unfortunate mix of good info and various degrees of nonsense with no way to distinguish between them.


The Facebook feeds I follow are notorious for this…


It is very nice that you are sharing such positive feedback. And I am happy you are here.

It’s always a work-in-progress. There is never a finish line. Learn from the past, but always keep site of what is in front of you.


Well said. This forum truly is a blessing. Thank you to the creators. The more I know, the better I do. It really helps to know you are not alone in this struggle. This forum contains so much helpful information. :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:


That has been the objective from day 1. Just look on Google and see how many of our threads are rated one or two.

And we have a bevy of doctors who are forum members, but they are here to learn. Not to mention the chemists, biologists, engineers-- people who have great knowledge and are not afraid to share it

And no one is better than anyone else. Your improvement from 9.5 to 6.8 is just as or more remarkable than anyone’s 5.3.

By all measures we have created a success!


I agree… 1100 members now… I wish more of them would engage, but still they’re here.

From very humble beginnings…


I have now shaved 1% off of my A1C from a year ago. Thanks, FUD!!


@T1Allison, that is really awesome!




Yay!! That’s wonderful to hear. Congrats!


Wonderful news @T1Allison