It's my Cakeday! Thanks FUD!

Hey friends! It’s my cake day! The anniversary of signing up for FUD a year ago! I’ve got a wee cake slice icon which symbolizes a year spent amongst people who’ve impressed me with their interest, engagement, empathy and knowledge about a very broad subject that’s seriously affected the last 13 or so years of my life. And hopefully will affect the rest of my life (barring cures and whatnot :crossed_fingers:). :kissing_closed_eyes:

I’m so thankful for FUD, the friends I’ve met here, and the things I’ve learned. Lots of road left to travel and things remain in our T1D life that could improve, but now we know where to start.

(Especially thanks to @Eric who allowed me to pester the daylights out of him at a convention since I noticed he was a dibe, pressured me to get over to this here website and read about his friend @daisymae and her swimming successes, and has been a supportive ear and answering voice as I occasionally needed to yell into the darkness that is diabetes. And yes, sometimes it is actually just the onset of a cold as you sit in a cab on the way to the airport that is causing the 280! Which your friend Eric can diagnose from 10 states away via text message!)

Thanks for being a part of my year that has had so many weird ups and downs I wouldn’t have believed you if you’d told me this is what it would be like!

Here’s to many more years of FUD being a great place to be. :clinking_glasses: :heart_eyes: :birthday:



I’m raising my almond milk and carrots and a handful of peanuts to that. I imagine after a year here with all of these good people and good ideas, you all have grown.

I didn’t mean to barge in and be the first to clink glasses, but I’m awake. And I couldn’t see a good reason for you to celebrate alone.


Thanks! I was totally celebrating alone! I’m sorry you’re awake though as I think it’s rather late. :smile:


Happy Anniversary! I love your optimistic and supportive presence here!!


Cheers!!! :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all your insightful comments. You definitely add a lot to FUD!


Kim, I am glad I got to meet you and so glad you joined our site. Glad you got the insurance mess ironed out and were able to get the pump for EH. Anytime you need anything, give a shout!