The daily life of cats

We split a can of Fancy Feast with Sheelah, Manny and Biddy at Sheelah’s loud insistence.

Last night my wife heard Sheelah rummaging in the utility room. Then she came in the kitchen and dropped scan of Fancy Feast at my wife’s feet.

This is just a bit scary, what’s she going to do next?

Whoooooo! :smile_cat:


Fun with cats combined with diabetes

I was in the middle of.a site change, filling the tubing with insulin, when my wife said, “Help Biddy she got her claw caught in the food dish!” I put the pump and applicator near my wife to help the cat. It started slipping. My wife did not know about the bare inserter needle which stuck her in the hand. That’s number one.

Just now I opened my D drawer to move a box of sets in front. I was tearing the box lid off when Sheelah the terror decided she needed to explore the drawer. She wasn’t happy with me dragging her out.

Sorry, no pictures.


That is a tough diabetes day. Cats seem to be a never ending source of entertainment and frustration.


LOL I am having trouble envisioning this!

It’s funny, she’s just a sweetheart until it comes to trimming her claws. They are very curved. The dish is stainless steel that is ant resistant. Her claw was caught in the rolled edge. It took 2 hands to free he, one for her and one for the bowl.

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Helping the human dad relax after exercise and hauling rocks.


Garden gnome??


Looks like an angelic kitty. Wait till she wakes up!


She’s so sweet!

She’s so sleeping!
I am her slave, she bought me at the shelter. :joy: