Can my cat tell when I'm hypoglycemic?

I have noticed my cat, dusty, tends to be extremely present when I have lows. I’ve noticed him waking me up at night for cuddles before that happened to coincide with lows. This morning though was weird. We were asleep and out of nowhere he’s at awake by my feet screaming and carrying on like I’ve never heard before(outside of when I open a can of wet food). I honestly thought he was having a nightmare.

I called him up and pet him a bit. He didn’t let up for 15 minutes and by then I realized I was seeing spots so I I checked my sugars and it was 52. I got up to treat it and he was howling at me the whole time until my sugars were above 70 and then he just went right back to bed.

Weird but sweet. He’s a good cat.


That’s an awesome story! Give Dusty some treats from me!


Well you apparently have in a cat that others who desire a dog pay $20,000 for. Congrats! Awesome cat.

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Oh wow that’s wild. I had no idea dogs that could detect were that expensive

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You can train your own if you want, and that is less expensive, but if you purchase an animal that has already been trained, it runs $20k. Which makes sense, it is a lot of work to train them.

My wife can “smell” when my blood sugar drops quickly or is low, bizarre, and she only misses the occasional drop… she uses taste and smell for work so she has pretty exceptional senses.


I have trained my dog, but he responds to my dexcom alerts because that’s what I used.

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Sounds like you have keeper there.