The daily life of cats


little missy got out of the crate when my boyfriend was here. walked to the bedroom and hid under the bed. then wanted to hop on the bed but my boyfriend caught her in time. she was looking at him then the bed. so she lost her walk privileges. so far she is ok being in the crate. she goes back to the vet on thursday to get her incision checked up on and to see how she is doing. she has developed a red spot which will be looked at carefully. if anything gets worse the vet she goes. i cant wait till she is healed. i miss her being in bed with me under the blanket. miss her sitting next to me, etc…i sit with her 10 mins at a time as my hip cant handle sitting for that long. she gets rubs, etc. and of course she gets her wet food :). so its a slow process this time around. last time it was a faster time frame at least to me. this time its a bit slower.


I’m sending more hugs :slight_smile: It’s not easy when our pets aren’t able to be themselves.


thanks…im sure she cant wait to be normal. thursday cant come fast enough to know if she can get them removed or not…my guess will be another week after thursday. but i guess we’ll see.

@Nickyghaleb how is my cleo doing :smiley:


Cleo… so Cleo has just gone through heat, and we’re all terrified. Her sister, Bootsy, has not… and was very confused by Cleo’s odd behavior. Bootsy just wanted to play ball. Cleo seemed to have forgotten how to play ball. :roll_eyes:



are you going to spay her? from my understanding once they are spayed they dont go into heat anymore. nice to see bootsy :)…maybe cleo will remember how to play ball…may not feel like it at the moment? im sure she’ll come around to wanting to play with the ball :slight_smile:


We are going to take them both in next week. Hopefully. Our cat, Catinha, their mom, has ballooned out since her surgery, and now that we’ve seen the effect it’s had on her, we look around the neighborhood and see nothing but plump, clipped female cats. These poor things! They run the streets at night and get into fights. It’s like Mad Max out there down on the corner. :rofl: But they do not look unhappy. They go to each others’ doors to see if anyone’s coming out, and they travel in packs, bullying all the slender male cats. :laughing:

Bootsy and Cleo aren’t allowed out yet, but they do sit there and dream. Soon enough. They’re back to playing ball again though.

How are you doing, amymc? How’s life?


Our three (now two) fixed females are super lithe and slim, very tiny cats :slight_smile: Our fixed male is a very big cat in size, but sleek and elegant.


Uh oh… this means it’s behavioral. I wonder where she gets it. :woman_facepalming:


Our cats are indoor/outdoor cats. Although one of them, the puniest (and the alpha cat, go figure—she is barely 5.5 lbs), pretty much never goes out. But the other two are always exploring across the forest around the house. And hunting :frowning:


My girl is indoor/outdoor, too. She’s very active. She had her kittens, went for her surgery, ballooned out. I read that the surgery can cause it, so so had kind of left it alone… other than to feel terrible for her every time I see her hunched over her food bowl.

Maybe I should actually take her to the vet. I swear if she has diabetes, and I didn’t see the signs…:roll_eyes:


Now I really laughed at that one :slight_smile:


im doing ok…im a mama that is looking at taranga like a hawk. but overall im doing ok. trying to get some knitting or needlepointing done or even clean my apt so it looks liveable. life is good. trying to keep busy. i mostly do that when i see my boyfriend. he keeps me busy. what about you?

taranga is in indoor cat. ive had a bad exprience with an indoor/outdoor cat that i swore i wouldnt do it again. it traumitized me on what happened.


That’s the tough part of being a mama. :confused: I hope you all are doing well.

We also had a very traumatizing experience with our last cat— probably 18 years ago. It’s a tough decision for sure. Although… we had new carpeting installed for more money than we could afford, and she proceeded to tear it up, thread by thread, within 6 months of getting it… so an easier decision than usual. :thinking:


taranga is going to the vet today to be looked at as she has a red spot. so hopefully that will be cleared up with some antibiotics. she isnt liking the carrier right now. im sure she’ll be happy to get out of it once she is done with the appt. im not sure if she’ll still be seen on thursday. who knows. he may look at the incision today. i just want my baby to be better.


todays visit went well. she has an irritation on her stomach. so all i need to do is put on cream a few times a day for the next few days. she goes back to the vet on thursday still. im just happy that it isnt anything serious. he looked at the incision and told me the healing is doing well. im sure he’ll look at it again on thursday as well. so that is the update. nothing too serious going on



LOL! thats funny…cute little cartoons too


todays vet visit was good…her incision is healing quite nicely. one more week in the crate then she’ll have her freedom. next tuesday is when she gets the staples removed. the red irritation is gone which is good. so now its a wait and see…i hope nothing else will show up. she does have something on her lungs and we hope it wont be serious. i need to keep on praying that its nothing. i worry. so right now im going to see her in spurts. i only can sit on the floor for so long even with a pillow, etc. so i spend 10 mins here and there. she was mad on the way home from the vet. and that means she doesnt meow at us at all. she was just plain mad. on the way to the vet she meowed. she got antibiotics shot today as well. which she wants happy about at all. good thing tuesday is the last vet visit for a while. she has been cancer free for a year now :slight_smile: so that is good. i just gotta keep praying that nothing else comes up


With our cats, every vet visit is a nightmare. They really hate those transport kennels. It is stressful to hear them complain every minute of the way…

But, @amymc, we find that they are a lot quieter when we cover the kennel with a dark blanket. Not sure if it would work for you.


we cover the crate so she has her quiet time. we didnt think to cover the carrier. the vet is only 5 mins away from my house so its a short trip.