The daily life of cats


Oh dear…

How many litter boxes do you have? Is Taranga able to get to the box without being ambushed by Bubba?


there are two litter boxes. i cant afford a third. plus i wouldnt know where to put the third one as i dont have enough space. she only gets chased by bubba once a day. she knows better im sure. but not sure why she isnt doing what she is suppose to be doing


Maybe your vet will have some helpful suggestions?


maybe he may have suggestions…i hope he will…


the vet visit went well…he isnt concerned at the moment. she goes back on feb 5th to have her teeth cleaned, xrays and blood work. so i still have to pray, etc till then. im happy i dont have to worry about it yet. thank y’all for the positive thoughts and prayers. i still need them as she isnt out of the woods yet. right now she is quite happy in not being in the carrier and roaming the apt. bubba has been with his parents since yesterday morning and coming home tomorrow morning. his parents are house sitting my friend’s moms house so they took bubba. its a nice breather and for taranga to have a bit of roaming. i forgot to ask about the pooping situation. i hope to have a resolve on that.


bubba has been back since monday morning. he already has chased my cat twice this week. oy vey. on friday or saturday he will be going to my boyfriend’s house for a few weeks while taranga heals from a surgery that she could be having. it will be nice to give her a few days to breathe and not be stressed out. i dont think she is stressed out in general otherwise she would be hiding under the bed all the time. but to make sure that she is ok. so that is the plan. ill miss him for a few weeks. i feel like he is my baby in a way. its like sending a baby off to camp in the summer time. hopefully ill be able to visit him to give taranga a bit of time to relax. so that is whats going on.


A break for the two of them seems very reasonable, especially given Taranga’s recovery. I’ve had what you describe happen a few times, but the cat being chased wasn’t recovering and was in good health. Eventually they just learned how to live in the same space, peacefully! I had always hoped that Bubba and Taranga would come to the same or similar at least, understanding. If there is something he likes that she doesn’t and the reverse, that she likes that he doesn’t - a toy, special food, a box, a crate, … try to engage them with those items, so they won’t be so … hmmmm … iritating to one another! Maybe regulary breark time during the day for each of them. The hours between 9 am until 9 pm are grouped by threes. Three hours Taranga does this, while during the same three hours Bubba does that, and so on, keep them both happy with activities they like. Best of luck to you!! It’s all I got :frowning:


my cat doesnt like toys…she never did…she would play with them for a min or two then lose interest. so she never really played with toys. he loves toys. he plays with them when i can get up to move. but overall he loves them. we do treat time together. they are like a foot apart from each other when its treat time. shedoesnt mind him being near her. she just hates being chased by him. they both will sleep on the bed at the same time. so they will be near each other sometimes. taranga is getting her much needed few weeks off. bubba is at my boyfriend’s house for the next few weeks as taranga has her surgery and heals. then bubba will return. i miss him already and it hasnt been a day yet.


She had the lumps removed…it’s a big incision so she’ll be in the cone of shame for at least till next Thursday…if not next Thursday it will be the following week…she’ll be in confinement as she can’t hop, leap, jump, etc until the staples are out…my boyfriend is getting her a crate so she can be comfortable and be able to have space…I’ll let her out for bathroom duty…I hope she’ll heal quick…my poor baby…her blood work came out fine but something did show on the X-ray but he isn’t concerned about it…so she’ll also need to have a few laser to be done…other then that she is healthy


Was it malignant?


he wasnt concerned about it in the first place but it is good that we removed it. im sure he sent it to the lab. but again he isnt concerned about it at all.


An alternative to the cone:


@CatLady it’s amazing what is being developed these days! Kudos to the inventor!


A friend told me about this: her dog had some major surgery and he did not tolerate the cone well. In the suit his incision is healing really well!


She isn’t eating anything and we aren’t sure if she has drank some water…she hasn’t used the makeshift litter box we have…so we will check on her again when I get home from my dr appt…hopefully she has perked up a bit…she did take her pain pill but that’s about it…they vet gave us some helpful tips and hopefully it will work


she is beginning to eat the wet food we give her. i put her pain pill in it and she gobbled some of it up so i know she took her pain pill. she used the litter box finally. so slowly but surtly she is coming around. she is getting up instead of lying down. so things are coming around in my book. lets hope she understands that she is in the crate till the vet says she can come out.


@amymc I’m so glad to hear she is coming around! A little here, a little there. I’ll keep the good thoughts and prayers going both your way!


thanks…i just need the positive thoughts and prayers throughout her recovery. i checked on her belly and so far it looks good. so its a wait and see type thing which i hate. im one of those mamas that watchers her like a hawk and worries about her. i cant help it


I’m sending you a lot of extra hugs!