The daily life of cats


awwww sorry for your loss!!! it hurts when you lose a family member. he did live a really long life. and a good and healthy one as well


So sorry for your loss, @CatLady. That’s not a pet at 22.5 years. It’s a loved one. :pensive:


Oh @CatLady! I’m so sorry! I am positive Harley had an excellent lap and lots of snuggles being family with you. Sending hugs and warm thoughts your way.


oh I’m so sorry @CatLady, he seems like he was a beloved companion. I’m sure he will be sorely missed.


Hugs to you, @CatLady. Twenty-two years is amazing and only possible because of the love and attention he received throughout his long and happy life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


how have you been doing?


Really missing him so much: “he was the boss of me”. :pray:

Thank you for asking. How is Taranga?


taranga is good…she still isnt liking bubba. i worry about her as its hard to tell if she is eating or not. i know she is drinking the water. and now with bubba using the litter box its hard to tell if she is using it at all, etc. but she is still the lovable cat she has always been :slight_smile:


im a bad mama. taranga has a few lumps where her incision is. she shouldnt be…i thought it was her fur being matted up…if i felt it sooner it couldve been a lifesaver, or something else, etc. now i am worried to death. we’ve been through so much since dec of 2017 and that we we were fine in feb of last year. a year later its different. i feel sad right now that i wanna cry. she is my baby. please good thoughts. she goes to the vet on tuesday. i just need good things and not bad. i just want her to live a long life, etc. i gotta work on thinking good thoughts. i almost want to bring her to my moms vet for a second opinion…but i dont have time to. please good thoughts. i shouldve paid attention.


Hopefully just some scar tissue at the incision site. Sending you both a hug.


thanks…it could be that. im hoping so. i just want good news. its been a trying time for me last year. i just need prayers that it will be good news


@amymc I’m sending you good thoughts and prayers that all is well for Taranga!


Only good thoughts for you @amymc! Let’s hope your next visit goes well!


thanks @Tapestry and @Michel…i just been worried ever since my boyfriend has told me. i keep thinking positive thoughts in hoping everything will be turning ok. im not sure what time yet on tuesday. the vet is away for the week. so ill hear from him later this week. ive been praying to god and to my dad. im a daddy’s girl even tho he passed away in 1980 when i was almost 3 years old. i dont pray often but this is needed some prayers.


taranga’s apt got cancelled. my vet is stuck in florida due to the weather and cant get out until weds. so im hoping my boyfriend will take a day off on thurs or friday to bring her in as this is important. if not ill have to see if he has anything on monday. i forgot to pray last night. but ive been praying. i just hope everything is going to be ok. i know i keep saying it but its true. my boyriend is at work being part of the skeleton crew for the weekend as its his weekend on. he works for a biopharmacuetical company. so the weather caused him to be stuck until tomorrow. anyways, i just hope it will be fine. now i have to wait its being nervewracking for me. sigh


@amymc, so sorry the bad weather is being do hard on you:( Here is hoping that things will work out on Thursday.

I know it is hard to deal with uncertainty. I think it is hard for all of us. Just remember that worrying about it does not make it any better :frowning: Wishing the best for Taranga.


i hope things will work out…my boyfriend isnt being positive. i am trying to be. im waiting to hear back from my boyfriend if we can bring my cat in on thursday or friday. im a worried mama. thats what mama does with their children


she goes to the vet on friday at 4:30. still praying that everything will be ok. so that is the update. she isnt going to be happy to go to the vet. she knows when she is going to the vet before i can even get the carrier ready. i quietly put it on the floor where she cant see it and she somehow knows. i have to coax her with treats so i can pick her up and get her in there.


so the appt got moved again. this time saturday at 9a. my vet had a persona conflict that he didnt realize. so saturday she goes in. i just want answers. i want positive feedback from the vet. it is tiring waiting to go to the vet now


taranga just pooped in the living room by the kitty tree. she pooped in the bedroom. she doesnt seem to like bubba being here i take it. i want her to use the little box. not the floor sigh