The daily life of cats


I ran across this gem, and had to pass it along:. Kittens and Cats, a Reader


What a GREAT book, @mike_g, really fabulous text and pictures! It is a real find!


Nice find! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


cute book! i love how its a tale that goes from one thing to the next


ever since thanksgiving bubba has been behaving. he hasnt really been chasing my cat. he has been chill and relaxing and not spazing all over the place lol. he had play time on friday with two different toys. yesterday we didnt do any play time but he is improving. at least he isnt chasing my cat…thats the most important thing. my cat is chill when he isnt doing so


Ancient Harley is back to normal and found his Meow-ow-ow-ow! :smiley_cat:


Wonderful! We were a bit worried…


glad he is back to normal :)…and im sure he is giving lots of loves


well the kitty tree broke. between taranga using it for so long then added bubba to it. there is a section that is tilted. my boyfriend will be over later this week to fix it otherwise there will be a new one in the house. i like the one i have. i hope we can find the same one. it has different levels on it. two boxes that you can lay in, three different platforms that you can lay on. and scratching posts, etc. i should post a pic of what it looks like right now. ive had this thing since 2012. i figured it would last a lot long than this.


I really appreciate your optimism. I have never purchased anything and expected it to last longer than 6 years. Oddly, the car my teenager is driving I purchased new more than 20 years ago (Honda) but I didn’t expect it to last that long, it just did.


My plan for the day: clean and prepare guest bedrooms and bathroom.

Ancient Harley’s plan for me: Make a lap so HE can nap!


i need to clean my apt…bubba somehow hid my boyfriend’s birthday card somewhere as i cant find it. that shows how much i need to clean my apt up. taranga is doing good…she hates bubba. she hates being chased by him but find if they are in the sam area and he isnt doing anything to her, etc. sometimes she’ll hiss when he is nearby.

harley just wants to stay warm and keep you warm :). and naps are good. afterall cats do sleep for hours on end lol


how my cleo doing??? how is bootsy doing??? more pics :smiley:


Curled up with Ancient Harley this morning, drinking tea and watching the snow :snowflake: fall. Meowy Catmas, everyone!


meowy catmas to you too! i have taranga on my chest at the moment…so im leaning back on the couch. makes it hard to type/ but she is enjoying the time. im hungry too but nope, she wont move. bubba has been nuts this week so far. i give him a firm no and enough when it comes to chasing my cat. im not sure where he is right now but later im sure ill find him lol…so thats going on in my household.

it seems harley wanted some good loves today for christmas :slight_smile:


I’m long overdue. Here are the sweet baby girls doing things they love best: cuddling, plotting, trying to conquer the tree, and perching. :grin: Bootsy almost gave me a heart attack, by the way, sitting up on the curtain rod like that. I thought it was a raccoon. :rofl:

Merry Christmas, @amymc! Hope you’re having a lovely holiday!


awww they are so cute!!! love the pics. funny how bootsy is in the tree. very cute :slight_smile:…merry christmas to you as well :)…i got my boyfriend’s cats something and his sisters cats something and his moms dog something. i hope they will like it


I am very sad to report that Ancient Harley passed away this morning. He was 22.5 years old and lived a full life. Here is a photo that I took on Sunday:


Oh, I’m sorry to hear you lost your Harley today. I can only hope my girl lives such a long life. :purple_heart:



Sorry for your loss. It always hurts when you lose a family member.