The daily life of cats


thats good he will be able to have the surgery. im sure he will feel a lot better once it is removed


how did it go?


Surgery delayed, hoping it will start soon.


awww thats a bummer…why delayed?


Clinic running late but waiting too long now, anxious…


Finally home! Snugged up on a warm mat in his kennel, not quite ready to come out yet but alert. Three extractions, one very difficult. Love my vet!!


glad he is alert…and glad that everything went well :slight_smile:


Harley was very weak and probably a little hypo this morning. My vet tech friend told me to get some Nutri-Cal in him. He licked up just a bit of baby food, too. Now he is up (but understandably grumpy) and has used the litter box. I will give him fluids and B-12 next and keep offering him food.


it sounds like he is doing ok…what is nutri-cal? is it a type of cat food?


Nutri-Cal is a dense nutrient mix in a tube that can be given by syringe when cats won’t eat. It’s got a consistency to hair-ball goo.

He has eaten a little deli turkey in water and is resting in a sunshine spot now.


ahhh interesting stuff. does he like it? from your post it sounds like he does. and sitting in a sunshine spot is awesome :slight_smile:…the cat im taking care of for a few months like to look out the window


I dunno, I don’t think I administered it very well, made a mess. But he got enough in to resolve the hypo. :smiley_cat:


thats good!! as long as it resolves the issue :slight_smile:



They look like they’re doing nothing at all, but Bootsy and Cleo are actually wishing you Happy Thanksgiving. :grin:



They are beautiful! What a great picture!


ooo you did cleo! YAY! bootsy sounds like a nice name :)…which one is cleo??? the black one???


Yes, Cleo is the black one. The kids loved Cleo. I was the one who came up with Bootsy, and no one loves that. That’s okay though. I just couldn’t do Mittens or War Machine, and those were seriously on the table.

So thank you for Cleo. :grin:


Now that is an interesting name… I’d love to have been a little mouse in a hole while this discussion was going on :slight_smile:


welcome! im happy that the black one got named cleo…ill still call her cleopatra lol…but YAY! i hope for more pics. im loving the pics so far. now cleo has a special place in my heart :)…what was the one i originally wanted to name, name? does he have one?