The daily life of cats


There are dosing guidelines for cats and regular testing is now encourage. Pet parents can use the same meters and test strips we do! I need to follow up with D-cat Thomas’ mom to find out how well he tolerates the testing and treatment and report back!


Am I the only one who had to look that up?? I thought maybe Chris Pratt and … Whitney Houston?? :thinking:


lol funny.



I gotta say, I saw your pic and thought, how do you not name that little one “shadow”! She looks just like her sisters shadow! In real life I give everything human names, but shadow (shady for short?) would be a close runner up!


I noticed no one has commented on Two Step… like I never even said it…

Yes, the black cat actually looks like a shadow in the pictures.

I just can’t get Two Step to come out right. :grin:


Dang, @Chris, you know I had to go look that up, too…

image https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard14/uploads/fudiabetes/original/2X/d/dc8c646988f05625ee5e52354fdc95d32df8df8a.jpeg


i guess the namings from me isnt going well lol…the black one the other name i was thinking which is simple is midnight. for the tabby i still think of thumbelina


It IS going well! I thought I responded to you?? I thought you had great names! Yes, they’re BOTH sweet and mischievous and playful. And they like to cuddle… OH how they like to cuddle. :two_hearts: And they have enormous appetites and are WAY better listeners than their mother. :grin:


I just heard someone say “Texas two step” on tv. I don’t know what that is, exactly, but I think it’s a sign :wink:


the cleopatra for the black one as you can call her cleo for short :smiley:…and sweet thumbelina :smiley:…at least they listen to their mom :slight_smile:…if i come up with a better name ill let you know but i like those two


my friend brought over his cat food and my cat is taking a helping to herself. i gotta figure out how to get this cat to like the food i provide so its not my cat having a helping to herself. sigh i just hope that this cat eats. i want to be sure he gets food in his belly. my cat knows she has her own food lol


my cat still doesnt like him…i know eventually she’ll get use to him being around. right now they are both on the kitty tree. my cat is up high and bubba is in one of the boxes that there are…still working on getting him use to the food i feed my cat. i know he will like it eventually. he does like the treats tho…he now comes into bed for a few rubs. he did that yesterday and did it again today. so he is getting use to the bedroom. it is nice that he comes in for a few rubs. my friend is coming over on friday to visit. he will visit once a week to see him. the last time he came for a visit bubba only wanted a few rubs and wanted to explore around the apt. hopefully this time he will come on over and give him some headbutts.


Ancient Harley has been quite sick this week. He has a bad tooth that needs to be removed but he is too weak. With antibiotics on board, though, he is eating again—he loves rotisserie chicken in a little broth. Paws crossed he regains enough strength for the dental work.


awww poor baby :(…i hope he gets better soon so he can have the tooth removed to have him feel a bit better. keep us posted


any updates on the kittens? do you still need more names as i have a few more :D. i hope so…im excited to name a kitten or two


We could use some names, yes. We pretty much just call them “kitty cat” and “kitten” because we can’t agree on anything. My family has problems.

Anyway, here they are…image

Then here’s one pretending to be King Kong…

And THIS is my favorite. This one is of Catinha having to deal with her own adolescents.

The conversation, as I imagined it, went like,

Catinha: hey, could one of you open the door? Kittens: blank stare.
Catinha: The door?? Could one of you get it? Non-black kitten: The door?
Black kitten: sideways blank stare



LOL! the pics are so cute. for the black one you can call her smokey, i still like cleopatra, puma, panther, sheba, elsa, bookie, buttercup, luna, did i mention cleopatra lol…the other one as i said thumbelina. tiny, pancake, fluffy, cali, sonoma, napa, did i mention thumbelina :D…


Okay. I’m off to run names by my family. I think Cleopatra and Thumbelina are the ones you like the most, so we’ll start there. :grin:


yes those are the names i like the most :smiley:


Update on Ancient Harley: He has recovered from the abcess enough to undergo dental surgery on Monday. Paws crossed all goes well. :cat2: