The daily life of cats


Sorry, amymc! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t gotten the chance to put any new pics. So there is an update, too… kind of a sad one. We sent 4 kittens away to their new home. I was very, very sad, but there was just no way we were going to be able to keep them all here. Even though we were unable to keep them, we were very happy the four of them would be staying together. We have known the family for a very long time, and they offered to take them all. I guess they have lost a couple of pets over the past 2 years and had promised their kids they would start looking again. They sent us pictures of the setup, and there were toys and beds and everything. Our son goes to their house, so we’re hoping he’ll send us some pics when he does.

Anyway, I’ll be back. We’ve kept two, and I still have a ton of pictures to share if you’re interested. A couple. Maybe not a ton. I’ll find a couple to post!


Kitty cats…

Together, apart, hanging from curtains, yawning and yawning some more. We were lucky to have such beautiful and sweet little things enter our lives for the time they were here.

But if you see the two who are looking over my BG logs… those were the two that really wanted to stay. :grin:

image image image image



awww so the one i was gonna name went to a new home :(? im gonna miss seeing pics of them. they are adorable


Yes. :confused: It was the one I wanted to keep, too, but I got out-voted. My mom had her heart set on the tabby with the white paws, and my kids wanted the black one. The fact I will be doing 99.6% of the caretaking didn’t seem to land me a vote.

I’m very sorry the gray kitty went, but if you’re still interested in naming one, you’ve got two to sweet girls to choose from. We haven’t chosen names yet. There’s been an enormous effort, but we can’t agree. So…


i haz the sads now. but would love to name one of the two girls! what do they look like???


Me, too. :confused: I wanted to keep them all.

But here are my baby girls. I’d like to introduce you to… ? and ?.




Mine too. The black pants I’m wearing at the moment caused me to think “how much cat hair is stuck to them? Surely no one will notice!” I should realize that if I have to ask the question I shouldn’t wear them out of the house!! :thinking:


oooo…they both are cute!!! i see a black one. i think midnight would be good but that would be typical. cleopatra (sp) would be a good name for her. the other one looks a bit fluffy. what are their personalities?


Kittens…so refreshing! Ancient Harley doesn’t know what he wants today: this food, that food, no food? Cuddle time? Pee time? So I just gave him fluids and am hoping that will help…his appetite? cognition? my patience? :crazy_face:


taranga wants cuddles today. food she decides if she wants it as its dry food in the bowls. im sure harley will make up his mind on what he wants :slight_smile:


If only one was a boy, I have the “purfect” names - Samson and Delilah!! We named our first two cats after the Grateful Dead song of the same title (sorry @TiaG :sunglasses:) . They were awesome cats (he was a gray striped tabby and she was a dark tortoiseshell calico).


Love those names. :grin:


A few years ago we had two boy and girl siblings. She was sleek, elegant and beautiful: she looked like poetry! He was goofy, funny and very athletic (he turned out to be much bigger than her). We called them Bonnie and Clyde…


My friend has two very very active calicos and named them Porsche and TT! :smile_cat:


I want Shadow and Two Step… but somehow I think that’s not gonna fly.

Or Pooch and Tiger

Or Tootsie and Grandma

Mine are not the favorite recommendations of anyone’s.


i like cleaopatra as i was saying for the black one :)…the other one i was thinking kettle if she is a hyper one as kettles steam up when its ready :slight_smile:


i have another one! tumbelina (sp)!


So a friend’s cat was recently diagnosed with cat diabetes (not sure if that’s the technical term). She had some questions about insulin dosing. I was like “I’m pretty sure they don’t try to keep cats in as tight control as humans” But now I’m wondering. Has there been a DCCT for cats? Should they aim for normal BG levels too?

Or do you just give 'em enough to keep em from going into cat DKA and then not worry about long-term complications? I think the cat is on the older side anyways – probably like 15?


I’m sorry, I don’t have any answers, but possibly a suggestion.

Years ago our cat was diagnosed with diabetes and we were instructed to give him insulin shots. They told us the dose. We weren’t able to test his blood sugar they said. They tested his lip or perhaps ear; I can’t recall now. We had to take him in regularly to keep the dose as accurate as possible. Now, knowing what I know, I would never stand for that. I’d find a vet who would teach me how to test my pet. I’m still bothered by what I might have put him through, too much, too little,… sigh. He was a good cat; aren’t they all :slight_smile:


Could always go with the tried and true Pratt and Whitney