The daily life of cats


OMG LOOK HOW CCCUUUTTTEEE THEY ARE!!! they are tooooooo aaddddooorrraabblleee. did you get my message btw?


I did get it. I am soooo slow to respond right now as I’m up to my ears in life stuff. I am still taking pictures everyday so I wanted to get you the pics at least. If I am still awake this afternoon, and my cat doesn’t try to beat me up when she sees me, I’ll try to figure out the rest of the genders!


still no genders? i think she doesnt wanna know lol. well we know the one im naming is a boy :D. but im curious about the others too :D. cant wait to see more pics. and she is still being the protective mama


I have a story to tell you about our protective mama, but it will have to be tomorrow. I’m getting dangerously close to “sleep posting”, so I’m gonna leave some pics on the table and get outta here.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about her rescue mission. :two_hearts:

image image image image


cute kittens!!!..i love them allllllll…i see the one im naming :D. i am happy you are letting me name one of them :D. they are all like ooo camera :D. cant wait to hear the story



One more. The whole fam. Minus Catinha, but she was taking the picture. :smiley:


wow, those are some objectively cute little kittens. I love when they tilt their little heads like that!!!


Holy cow, that family photo! :heart_eyes:


It took only 1816 photos to get that one. :grin:


LOL :joy:


ttthhheeeyy are sooooooo cccuuuttteee!!! and little :D. it seems the grey and white one is the only one in the bunch as there are two black ones and three cute tabby looking ones :D. any change on finding out the sex yet or is she still protective?


Totally get that challenge! I have many blurry cat photos…cats looking away…cats walking off…that’s cats for you!


My friend’s 16 year old cat now takes twice-daily insulin!


when i read this i thought it was your cat! hope the cat is doing well diabetic wise


She says he’s tolerating his shots pretty well. Need to ask her whether he’s had any hypos. And to send a photo (orange tabby with marled coat—very striking).


i would love to see a pic of him :)…i feel bad for cats that are diabetic. they cant speak so we dont know whats going on, etc


Here’s Thomas, D-kitty:


what a handsome kitty! he is like why are you taking a pic of mmmmeeeeeee


any kittendates of them? im curious about them still :slight_smile:


ill be taking care of a friend’s cat until he and his wife moves into their new place. they will be staying in a motel tempoarly and they dont accept animals. so im cat sitting! it will be interesting. i hope i dont get attached. or my cat to get attached. but at least i am helping him out. he will be visiting so he can at least see his furrkid. i have treats ready to go for him. his name is sweetney todd or bubba. ill have pics to show once he is at my apt on saturday