The daily life of cats


:rofl::rofl: Oh, to be a cat without a care in the world… and to see absolutely no reason for all of those pesky emails…


i cant wait to find out what the grey and white one is :slight_smile:


OK, this won’t be as cute as these kitten pics. Here is the cafe next to where we just moved to in Granada, Spain:

And is it named “4 Gatos,” 4 cats! We have only seen two so far, but we have only been there two days.

Btw, we did have four cats at home for a while, but it led to a lot of territorial problems among them, even though the house was quite large. Now, if I had to pick a number, I would only keep two, no more.


I needed to hear that. We do NOT have a large house, and with three boys, we already have enough territorial problems as it is. :grin:

Looks like you are seeing beautiful things! :cherry_blossom:


Littermates tend to get along better than a clowder of randomly adopted cats (like mine). :smiley_cat:


I am sure that is true! Ours were two generations. First we had two litter mates, sisters. They got along great. We let one of them breed and kept her two kittens. That was awful. First, one of the two, a girl, once grown, became ostracized by everyone including her litter mate, a male. We had to find another family for her. Then the young male and the mother started competing for alpha role.

So now I think that just two litter mates and nothing more is the ideal combo :slight_smile: But, of course, it could be that we don’t do a good job at raising large cat groups…


at lesat you cared for them :)…that is what matters the most. and kittens are so adorable too:)


any updates on the cutie pies :smiley:


It’s a boy!

image image


YAY! oo now i need to narrow down a name for him…what are the others?


@amymc, here are the kittens as requested.

They are getting really fast and are beginning to wrestle with one another. They also hug and kiss each other, and this is true, but just not as often as they irritate each other. It’s nice to see Catinha to get frustrated. Makes me feel better about myself. :grin:

Soon we’ll try to move them downstairs again. We tried the other day, but Catinha put her paw down. We pretend like it’s not the way it is, but in reality, What Catinha says goes.

image image image image image image image


One more… because this one kind of represents motherhood to me… at least with an adolescent. :grin:



awwwww!!! he is telling her something!!! i love all of the pics :)…makes me smile…i almost wanna save the one with his paws and the one with his mom lol…ill message you with the name…


taranga gives me this pathetic look before snack time. its too darn adorable lol…she is so good at it that it makes you feel bad for her lol. she only meows when its snack time. so now the latest is the pathetic look lol…

i have a friend who is looking for someone to take care of his cat in between moves for a couple of months. he has asked me and a part of me wants to say yes and a part of me wants to say no. the no part is what if i get attached, what if it isnt the length of time he says, etc. a part of me with the yes part is he’ll have a home to be for a couple of months and it will feel in the void ive been missing since 2015. so its a hard decision. i guess ill have to talk to my boyfriend about it and ask my friend more questions. what would you guys do in a situation like this?


More important, how would Taranga do dealing with a stranger cat? This can be tricky, as I know too well.


i think she would be fine with it…she is a laid back gal. but you are right im not sure…she did well when i had calvin. my friend said his cat likes other cats…so i gotta asl him tons of questions…but you are right tho


any new pics of these guys? and what sex are the others??? i also messaged you as well :D, i cant wait to hear more about them. they are sooo adorable


image image image image image image image

Pics! :grin:


So totally sweet! :heart_eyes_cat:


So… totally… sweet. :two_hearts: they really are. And they love love. Every last stinkin one. :hugs: