The daily life of cats


well post more pics! i hope you can find out their gender. i am coming up with a list of names and cant wait to name one of them :D, and i hope they vet can tell if you arent able to…im just so excited! my mom thought my cat calvin was a girl and when she brought him to the vet the vet said its a boy. changed his name quickly. i wanted to name him but nope, my mom did. anyways, bring on the pics!!!


Okay. Pics…






And more… image image


Here is my Tortie hanging with me today!! I love my girl :two_hearts:image


Does she like to help you type? My old baby used to insist on sitting right down on the keyboard. :smiley:


My tortie has taken to sleeping on the (clean) black yoga pants…sigh…


torties have the tortitude :slight_smile:


any updates???/


No my Sophie, sweet girl.


I have a whole rack of nice tops and skirts that look like they’re made of fur thanks to my little troublemaker. But she brings kittens, so I’m willling to overlook. :smiley:


No genders, but I just couldn’t even go to see them yesterday. Today I brought them out onto the floor for a photo shoot, and Catinha nearly lost her head. :smiley: She really is letting me handle them, but she really did not agree with that idea…


awww being protective :)…well where are the new pics


As much as I hate to say this, I must do bills. :nauseated_face:

But I’ll hurry through them as fast as I can without blowing everything and get to posting some pics. :two_hearts:


Here are the new pics…

Siblings just chillin…

image image

Kisses and kisses back…


Mama getting a whole lotta love…


And pure innocence and newness, up close and personal. :two_hearts:


ttthhhheeeyyy aaaarrreee ssssoooo cccccuuuuttteeeeeeeeeee


and can i name the grey and white one that is in the first two pics?


Yes, ma’am. :hugs:


cant wait to find out if its a boy or a girl :smiley:


This is going to take some serious detective work. I can get the job done though…


@Nickyghaleb No but she loves, loves my laptop because it’s warm. In fact not that long ago she walked across open laptop and deleted ALL emails from the Inbox of my work computer. :scream_cat: Luckily I was able to recover them.