The daily life of cats


Mighty is a spoiled little poophead!! :scream_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


lol! i think all cates are little spoiled poopheads lol




OMG OMG OMG! ttthhhheeeeyy are so cuuuttteeee


Adorbs! What are you going to do with all of them when they’re older?


any updates on them??? any newer pics :smiley:…i wanna know more!


We think one is a girl. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with that. I’m about to exercise, shower, and then I’ll head in and get it done though… I’ll be back with pictures and genders…:crossed_fingers:


YAY! cant wait…then i can pick the one i wanna name :smiley:


I’m thinking about you everyday… trying to get you that info. :grin:


lol…i hope you can get that info soon…im like dying to know…and more pics too! they are sooo cute!


I could tell you how my oldest son is trying to play me so that we can keep them all… but it’s a political story, and although funny, it looks like political stories are avoided in here. Wisely. So I’ll just say my son is trying to talk me into keeping them, and the WAY he’s trying to do is brilliant. I have no idea what we’re going to do. But we’ve got another couple of weeks to decide…or to start building a condo. :grin:


keep them all!!! then they have play time with themselves. plus having more than one cat is fun. especially when they are young, etc


8-10 weeks for full socialization, at least. :smile_cat:


Yes, from what we understand, we should aim for about 10 weeks?? Is that right? We’re also trying to talk my mom into picking up a couple. She lives 2 doors down. :smiley:


That’s my vote.


Working on it!


come in kittens im dying to know what you are so i can decide which one of you i wanna name


I fostered a litter of 5 kittens. Yes, I think 10-12 weeks is when it was ok to adopt out. I kept 3 of them, 1 was a runt that vet thought wouldn’t survive a year. So thought I was going have just 2. That was 14 years ago, and the runt has been the biggest one since 6 months old.

I got the kittens from a trap, spay and return rescue group, so the mama cat was ferral and let go, back to her colony.

(The rescue groups are known as
Trap, neuter, return, T-N-R).


:heart: that is so sweet. :blush:

I’m in love with them all. I know we’re probably going to have to give some away, but I don’t know how. We never had a pet up until a year ago… and then to all of a sudden have 7?? I should be acting like the adult here… but I’m in love with them all. :smiley:

My mom lives 2 doors down… If I could just talk her into 3, then we could do 3, and they could visit outside every day… and maybe have sleepovers. :hugs:


So I went in last night… picked up kittens one by one and had a look… and they’re all boys. OR they’re all girls. OR they’re just too little still to see the difference. :smiley:

I thought I was crazy, but I actually went online this morning and researched how to determine your kitten’s gender, and it really is because they all look the same. However, and I didn’t know this last night, they said if they have littermates, which, yes, they do, you can compare them to one another. This is a tougher job than I thought. The good news is I did manage to take 946 pictures last night. :smiley:

Anyway, I’ll go back in today, in good light, and try to compare. I need to bring them all into the vet this week anyway (for no less than $4000, I’m sure), so if all else fails, I’ll ask them to do it for me.

And in the meantime, I’ll continue filling up my phone with pictures I promise myself I can just delete but then not be able to bring myself to delete any of them…