The daily life of cats


It would be an honor to have you name one. :slight_smile:

One of these two is the hugger. Every time I come around, he or she is hugging another kitten. :hugs:


YAY! do you know who is a boy and who is a girl? i have several names in mind but some would help to know who is a boy and who is a girl :smiley:


We don’t know… not yet. I have been, with ALL of my grown up self-control, trying to leave them alone with their mama until they start to venture out a little bit. Over the next day or two, I’m guessing one might want to get loved. They might not recognize that yet, but it’s coming.

Do you even KNOW the sex at 2 days?? Or 4?? I’ll have to do some research first… and then will let you know. :slight_smile:


let me know so i can name one :smiley:


So very sorry for your loss. Cats have such a special way of curling ‘round your heart while curled up in your lap.


Still no sex determinations… I’m letting Catinha be their only handler… but once I’ll get you the report as soon as she lets me within an inch. :smiley:


no sex determination yet…awwww…im coming up with so many names :). and they are soooo cute!!! they all look like the mom!


:smiley: that’s funny because half do and half don’t… it’s just very dark in the box so only half of their faces are lit up enough for pictures. :smiley:

I would love to hear your names. I’ll try to see if she’ll let me near them today… But no means no, and I don’t get that confused. She’ll beat me up. :smiley:


i dont wanna reveal the names i have for the one kitten lol…ifi could i would name all of them lol…i love kittens…they are so cute. if they werent so high energetic i would have one in my house. i need a low key cat in my house. taranga is a low key one. she pretty much sleeps all day or likes to be next to me or drives me nuts by going on my computer constantly especially when i have to say get down. she doesnt play with toys but then again she is 10. would love to see a bit of kitten in her lol. but i cant wait to see more pics! i was thinking about them this morning. i hope she’ll let you near. i wanna know what she has for babies :smiley:


How are those sweet little kittens doing? Momma still very protective?? :smiley_cat:


i was gonna ask the same thing :slight_smile:


So Catinha bit my mom’s leg… and my mom wasn’t even touching. She was only admiring from outside the box. But Catinha didn’t like that. Catinha trusts me though so she’ll let me move them a little if one is headed in the wrong direction or whatnot. But she does give me a look that definitely means I better watch my step.

They’re starting to open eyes, and they’re getting just a little control over their heads, and when one meows, they all meows… and then Catinha just lies on them. :grin: that sounds scary, but it’s actually hilarious. And no little baby kittens are harmed. They just have to wiggle their way out and back on top of her again.



image image


@PerfectHorse I’m sorry to hear about your snowman Kimba. :sunflower:


OMG THEY CAN OPEN THEIR EYES NNNNOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!! SSOOO ADORABLE!!! any chance that she’ll let you find out what sex they are?


At the vet’s office after his exam, Mighty Mouse “hid” here:


Awwwwww…sweet baby!! :cry::two_hearts:


awwww poor baby…didnt like the visit?


Not one little bit!!


awww poor baby…taranga didnt mind the vet until she had to go like every week for a few months. or every other, etc. now that she doesnt go often she still doesnt like it. maybe she’ll calm down…im sure your cat got extra treats once you got home :slight_smile: