The daily life of cats



And another Catinha (T-Rex arms Edition)


awww she is cute!!! she has that face of what, im doing what i want to thank you very much


Oh, have you met her? That sums up the essence of who she is. :grin:


LOL! Taranga never gives me the look of i do what i want thank you very much although today she was naughty. she was trying to get at my lunch which she knows better as she has plenty of food and water in her bowl. but i think she wanted to give me a hard time today tho. i love meeting cats tho lol…when is she due?


If only we knew… she is shaped like a cow and is moody, hungry, lazy, and demanding. It’s very funny to me to watch something else be pregnant.

This is a lot of information, but did you know… are you sitting??.. that cats can be pregnant, go into heat, go out and do the deed with a DIFFERENT cat, and get pregnant AGAIN?? And carry kittens from different daddy cats at the same time???

We don’t know what’s she’s cooking in there or how long we’ve got. But we know she can’t fit through the slats so party’s over. :smiley:


so probably due any day if she is moody…ive only had one cat prego. all of my others were spayed or neutered. but now i only have indoor cats only. they can? wow. um. interesting lol. do you plan to get her spayed after she has the kittens? and i cant wait to see the pics of the kittens, have i mentioned that yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, we’re definitely getting her spayed. And, yes, I’ll be bringing kitten pictures. :two_hearts::two_hearts:


YAY! cant wait. i love seeing tiny just born kittens :smiley:


I can’t believe I thought, 17 days ago, that she was about to have 2 kittens. I was 16 days early and 4 kittens short. :grin:

Without further ado, @amymc , some newborn kittens for you…




More please!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mama looks a little tired. Hope you are feeling better.


Mama is tired…

Oh, but you mean the cat. :smiley:

I’m better today. Up and trying to make things happen. That’s a better place than just crying about it all. :smiley: I think…


OMG! WITTLE ITTY BITTY BABIES KITTENNNNNNSSSSSSS!!! they are so cute looking! they al look like mama too


I lost my white ket yesterday. My snowman, my chirpy bird, my Kimba the White Lion. Kimba was born 05/03/2003 and I’ve had him since he was six months old. His five siblings stayed at that farm and none of them made it but a couple of years. I’m glad I made the decision all those years ago to make him #8. I believe I officially became a Krazee Kitteh Laydee that day.

I will miss him purring in my ear to be let under the covers when I go to bed. I will miss endlessly rubbing his belleh that he let me do as long as I wanted. I will miss huffing his ever so soft belleh fur and giving him neck kisses. He won’t be here to greet me at the door with chirps and trills and purrs when I get home. He won’t be here to amuse me as he would refuse to eat his dinner until I put his “top dressing” on it, patiently sitting there until I did.

He seemed to have a bit of a cold on Wednesday and I remember thinking, “Well in a couple of days they’ll all be sneezing.” He was his usual self on Thursday night other than his stuffy nose but Friday morning he was kind of lethargic. Friday night he didn’t eat and Saturday I started him on subq fluids, coaxing him to lick some baby food as he continued to look worse. Yesterday he looked like he had two black eyes and this morning it appeared as though he had had a slight nosebleed. The exam revealed a mass on his liver, in all likelihood cancerous. He had gone downhill so fast and was so jaundiced that the vet told me it was unlikely that any treatment would not get him back to a comfortable point and he probably would just be miserable.

I have another hole in my heart that will take a long time to close. I will miss this boi that crawled into my heart and made himself at home. Bye Kimba, your Momma Hoomin loves you. ![|16x16]
And then there were nine…:disappointed:


Thanks I needed my dose of adorable for the day :slight_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes::blush::cat::heart_eyes_cat:


@PerfectHorse, I am SO sorry you’ve lost a special friend. He sounds like the most wonderful kind of kitty. :frowning:


im unable to view the pic but hugs


youl be posting more right?? right right right???


Documenting in progress…

These are the sweetest little things. Yes, I promise more pics. I’m having a hard time getting anything else done. :grin:


d they have names yet? can i name one of them!!! pppleleeeaaassseeeeee