The daily life of cats


Wonderful news! :smile_cat:


it is…im still going to diligently look all over her body still but overall, its good news for me. now i may go to bed at a reasonable hour maybe and not have to freak out until 2a


Yay kitty’s doing better . I’m new here but I read this whole thread since I love kitties (well and dogs) . My fiance made me love cats though, he has 3 wonderful kitties. I wanna bring home the little tuxedo guy (Mittens, the most generically named tuxedo cat to exist) and give him lovies.


i love cats. i dont mind dogs but they are too much work. and high energy. cats are mellow, etc. i know there are some that are high strung but that is easy to manage. ive had cats since i was a baby. there was a 10 year period when i didnt have a cat. but overall i love cats. so there is another cat you would like to bring home :)…thats awesome. i would love another cat but my boyfriend tells me no. he has three cats of his own and i just have my one. i will convince him otherwise


i have to say that taranga needs her toe nails clipped. sharp! she climbed on my chest yesterday and dug her nails into my shoulder. it was an ouchie. i kept saying that hurts mama. nope she didnt listen. i had to take her off of me lol. but she is sitting next to me on the couch again :slight_smile:…i should post an updated pic of her even tho she looks the same lol. and pics of my boyfriend’s cats so you can see what they look like! but overall, she is doing good…being her normal self and still trusting my boyfriend since march…even tho we go to the vet she goes running to the door when she hears the door opens. so that is a good sign. she isnt hiding under the bed anymore but then im not sure as im doing stuff around the house. but im happy that she is her own self.

so how is everyone elses cats going :slight_smile:? oh and ive been sharing kitten videos on facebook lol


Thunderstorm came up and all the young ones dashed inside. Meanwhile, nothing disturbs the snoozing old guys… :sleeping::smiley_cat:


LOL! taranga doesnt mind storms. she doesnt notice that its there to be honest. poor little ones. hope they are ok now


They just didn’t wanna get wet! :umbrella:


i dont blame them. im not a big fan of indoor/outdoor cats :(. but glad they came in where its cool…hope the cats today are all doing good including the old man :)…and recent pics of the cats?


Just checking out your cat thread. There was lots of cute stuff (and supermodel cat pics) and lots of wonderful news about your kitty! I hope she’s still doing well?

So we’re on vacation right now, and we’re spending a week away from my cat, who I miss terribly, so I’ll tell you about her. Her name is Catinha. (Cat-eenya). It is a made up Portuguese word for “little cat”. Made up. My husband does that a lot. Anyway, I was out on a run one day and heard a small meow, and I looked everywhere but couldn’t see anything. My oldest son, who is on the autism spectrum, had been asking about a pet for a long time, so I went home and told him there may be a kitten in the woods if he wanted to go look. We spent an hour calling to her and trying to follow her tiny calls back. My son turned over dead trees and swatted away spiders to get to her. It was a dramatic rescue mission if ever there was one. We brought Catinha (and her one flea!) home. We were infested 3 months later, but that detail belongs in another story… And it’ll make me start scratching, so I’m not even sure why I mentioned it.

Anyway, we think Catinha was abandoned because she just wasn’t quite right. She’s got weak vocal chords, and she’s just not the brightest cat we’ve ever met. She is scared of leaves, scared of the dark, and terrified of small, sweet birds. She lays in the corner of our back porch, head hanging back over the edge, and watches them from upside down. Nowhere in our neighborhood are the small, sweet birds safer than then ones who feed just inches from our cat. :smiley:

So with all of the things that were happening in our lives, we forgot to get Catinha spayed. She got out late one night, in the rain, and despite our frantic pleas, she didn’t come back. I stayed out as long as I could, and finally, very wet, tired, and demoralized, I decided she was gone and went inside. The next morning I went out back again and gave her a call, and from under a bush she appeared… followed by another cat. A very happy and confident looking cat I’d like to add, but that may have just been in my mind. She had never made any friends before, and it was kind of cute to see them follow one another around. And I know this is not exactly what was happening, I do know all about the birds and the bees and the cats in heat, but this particular cat kept coming around and just hanging around out back for her. And she’d scratch at the door when she’d see him. Finally we made the decision to let nature run its course, and we let her out. Again, I’m not naive, but what is more beautiful and romantic than two kitties sitting together on the porch railing under the moonlight? They’d do this. I’m not lying.

That wasn’t all they did, however, and now Catinha is pregnant and looking like a miniature cow. Our family is thrilled at the idea of helping Catinha, most likely abandoned by her own mother, become a mother. The kids are so excited they’ve even promised to clean up after all of the kittens… just like they promised to clean up after her. Which turned out to be a bold-faced lie. But in truth, I’m so excited, I’m willing to do it all myself anyway.

So that’s Catinha. I’ll find a picture, and if you INSIST, I’ll snap some kittens to share, too. :smiley:


i wanna see pics! i wanna see pics! and eeeeee kiittens!!! she found a home which is nice :)…a loving one too…and found a boyfriend in the process :D. i wonder where the mail cat lives? poor thing. i hope it finds it way home before it gets dark. if it was me i would be taking him in lol…im such a cat lover.

so yes pics pleaseeeeeee :slight_smile:


My buddies are helping me through a low…



awwww how cute! i love black cats. they are beautiful! any pics of the gentleman :). i love seeing cat pics. here is a recent pic of taranga.



She is very elegant! :smiley_cat:


Aaaaaw!! How do you tell them apart?!?


Ancient Harley (lower left) is a short-hair while Amador (upper left) is also known as “Fluffy” ‘cos he is a walking furball! :smile_cat:


Speaking of a walking furball, my pregnant cat can no longer get through the slats in the gate. Oh, how the greater significance in it all is lost upon my poor simple cat… who is just irritated by not being able to get her belly to pass. :grin:

I’m working on glamour shots of her now… will post as soon as the shoot is finished. :star_struck:


WAHOO! cant wait to see the pics. and that includes the kittens when she has them


Oh, we don’t just take pics, we document. :grin:



This is Catinha (Big Pregnant Belly Edition)