The Bureaucratic Joy of Switching to G6 Prescriptions

Since G5 will not be supported by Dexcom in the coming months, I’m communicating with my endo office prior to my quarterly appointment this week about getting Rxs for the G6 system.

I sent them the prescription form for my pharmacy supplier. I sent them my info to be put on the form. I wrote out the three Rxs I need them to submit.

Nurse lady is refusing to send them bc she says this is not how it works. She is sure paperwork will come from my pharmacy supplier for her to magically sign for my endo.

I have reminded her that she refused to send my forms when I started on the G5 system with this pharmacy supplier. And that it wasn’t until she finally listened to me and sent them that the prescriptions were put into the suppliers system and fulfilled.

I am fantasizing about blowing up Twitter for their hospital system if they don’t get their act together this week. My endo may get an earful in this week’s appointment. I’m the patient who informed them that G5 was getting phased out. I’m pretty sure I know more about my pharmacy plan and how it works than they do.

If you see me doing interviews next week for my endo office obstructing my health and safety…you’ll know the backstory already…


Yeah, I wish it ended there. I am currently on hold with Dexcom because they mistakenly sent and charged us for a starter kit including a receiver we didn’t need or use. We then returned the receiver and instead of issuing a credit on our credit card, they went ahead and sent me a second bill. :thinking:



You have my sympathy and best wishes for a speedy resolution. It sounds as if you have done everything correctly.

I was in the G5-to-G6 situation at the first of the year … but, in my case, not due to the phaseout but due to being on Medicare. In my case, Dexcom did send the paperwork to the endo. It is clear that there is no consistency …

At some level, I actually feel sorry for the equipment manufacturers, the endos, and the pharmacies for having to deal with hundreds, if not thousands, of different sets of insurance coverage policies and rules.

That said, your nurse lady should realize that you know what you are talking about and that your proactive efforts will save her time and effort if she only listens to you.

Best of luck … and stay safe.



That’s bizarre. Most of the time for dexcom and pump stuff, I email the doc the digtal forms he needs to sign. If I don’t then I always get stuck in the “we faxed the prescription request to your doctor and we haven’t received it back” situation. There’s a special place in hell for the fax machine and those businesses that insist on still using.

Good Luck.


I gotta do that soon too.

Haven’t started it yet, but I was wondering how many total phone calls it’s gonna take.

Maybe we should have a betting pool on it.


That may be true for renewals, so maybe missed the part about G5 to G6.
I usually ask for them to be printed at dr, then mailed to me or I pick up at office to confirm they are correct before going to pharmacy.

Just started getting G6 from Costco Pharma instead of DME mail order and it is now so much easier !!!


I just picked up my last G5 sensor. I’ve got to start the process for the G6 too.


Ask for Kristin at Dexcom (kidding we don’t have reps anymore). She was able to rectify my month old supply problem. Apparently my NP not allowed to change her name. She also sent a couple of sensors overnight delivery. Thanks Kristin.


IMHO, if you are a Dexcom direct customer, Dexcom will belatedly chase your doctor for authorization. If you use a 3rd party supplier, all bets are off, and anything goes


these issues are far too ‘business as usual’ for stuff we need to, well, continue living.

I was first patient with a CGM at the medical group with my Doc. I started with G5 only to discover the acetaminophen issue and experience it’s affects. My primary med has acetaminophen in it to the tune of 500mg/pill and I take 4 daily. Pointed it out with my Doc who is amazing in his genuine concern for his patients. Well he unconsciously wrote for the version with the acetaminophen not the plain version. Had not even left the lobby before I noticed the goof. So asked the front off receptionist to get a message to the Doc before I left. Well then a a nurse comes out and tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about as he never heard of such a thing, mind they had zero other patients using any CGM. He called me a liar in front other front office staff. Had to channel my internal ‘… you are not allowed to snap the tiny boygirl in half… it’s a felony…’ Had him on the carpet in front of the Doc and the head of the medical group in 5 minutes. He whined I had no business telling him he was wrong…wow, so I suggested a check, sat at their computer, did a Google search for Dexcom acetaminophen and in two secs had it all right there…arrrggghhh.

But it’s not just pushback from supplies much like the nurse refusing paperwork handed directly. I swear they truly believe we are idiots.

I won’t dig into my 9 month long battle to just get stuff that had all they needed to ship…good ol’ Solaris. rat bastards hahaha…


At this point in time of my T1D experience, I feel like even if technology never got any more productive for me in bg management, and no new insulins were developed, or anything…Diabetes management would be not so bad if I could just cut out all of the bureaucracy and battles in getting things covered and shipped.

Just give me my stuff to take care of myself and I’d be a happy camper.

And this is coming from someone who generally has it pretty easy, breezy on the paperwork side of things. So that’s really saying something.


I’ve had good experience with both pharmacy and DME for pump and cgms in past. But current DME provider not so great. Fortunately my plan now supports dexcom from pharma, so only pump stuff from dme medical supply. The biggest challenge was finding DME provider for my plan, for pump. Search tool not able to distinguish wheelchair DME vs pump.