Hi guys, I am Samia, family member had Diabetes, and I really love sweet things and I find it complicated to stop every kind of sweetener… Plus, I looove pancakes and how am I supposed to eat it now?? I am looking for the best sweetener in the UK I can use instead of honey or maple syrup, look forward to some tasty suggestions…

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I love pancakes, too, so I looked for a way to make them low carb. This is my favorite recipe I’ve tried so far: https://lowcarbyum.com/fluffy-almond-meal-pancakes/

I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestion on alternative sweeteners, as my head/gut can’t tolerate any of them.

I like this stuff - Cary’s Sugar Free Syrup.

It was much better than I would have ever expected. It’s pretty good.


I like this stuff:

This is a decent and kind of sweet low-carb pancake mix, but to me nothing really beats a “real” pancake that you just gotta bolus for

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Also in my pantry, and I also find it quite good.


@samia - Late to the conversation but erythritol is my go-to sugar substitute. For me, it has no impact on my BG and cooks pretty close to sugar. Downside it is quite expensive.

Stevia, sucralose (splenda in liquid form) are others that I use just for sweetness and have no BG impact. Walden Farms Syrup is sweetened with sucralose which is great.

Splenda in powdered form has maltodextrin added to the sucralose to bulk it up. Maltodextrin rasies my BG so I tend to avoid using powered splenda too much. A little is fine but…

I have used Swerve and it has no BG impact and cooks like real sugar, but I have found it leaves an unpleasant cooling sensation in my mouth.

Sugar alcohols like maltitol, xylitol, mannitol do rasie my BG and I have to bolus for 50% of the sugar alcohol carbs. They can be a bit unpredictable as the BG rise may happen late. Sometime it is better to just use sugar compared to these sugar alcohols as it has a more predictable impact on BG and can be appropriately bolused for.

This is what I have been using recently:


I’m coming to this conclusion too! Keeping it very simple.

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We almost always just use sugar in our dessert recipes and just reduce it by 1/2 or 2/3rds from the recipes. Tastes great, and can be reasonably low in carbs.


I wholeheartedly agree! This can be a new marketing strategy: New, Improved (Oreo, for example) not as sweet. :wink:. Instead, food industries use the “same” or “familiar” marketing theme: low calorie, low fat. It’s bizarre. If they pack less sugar into the packaged food, there would be less calories.

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Right, but then people wouldn’t eat as much. If they can keep things in that “bliss point” consumers eat more and the food company makes more. Sad really. It is why we cook 99% of the food in our house.


Wow… Would this include bread, cookies? I will be baking almond flour cookies because they are more satiating than store bought flour based; and I can adjust the amount of sugar.

I tried making home made kefir and loved the sour taste. Although, I found kefir to still be high carb; not low carb.

We only have bread in the house when my older son is around. We usually use tortillas, and while sometimes we make them, we do tend to buy a local version of these. Lately though, we have been using a keto bread that is available locally when my son needs a change.


Revising this old topic because I saw and ad for “RxSugar” products. I see the comments about just using sugar and cutting back, but always on the hunt for things to try. They use allulose as a sweetener and claim very log carb, 0 net carb. Has anyone tried it?

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So this is an interesting question @TomH, unfortunately, there hasn’t been enough research done to know what the long term effects are, but if you are trying to lose weight that lower calorie profile of the sweetener is interesting. We haven’t tried it yet, but might. Looks interesting.