Low carb ice cream

I know many here, especially parents of kids with diabetes, don’t like the idea of restricting diet in any way. I eat low carb, and people don’t believe that I still basically eat whatever I want, just low carb versions.

Here is an example of me eating a big bowl of ice cream (chocolate mint, mango, and lemon). But it’s coconut based ice cream, so the total carb count for this bowl is 13 grams (rounded up). More like 11 grams if you subtract fibre. It could be even lower carb if I got an ice cream maker and made it myself with no added sugar (but I already have enough ktichen gadgets for my tiiiiny kitchen!).



And my dinner tonight was black bean spaghetti noodles (cooked just like regular noodles, in boiling water) with marinera sauce, chicken, and “parmesan cheese” (really nutritional yeast, but it could be real parmesan cheese if not allergic to dairy). Total carbs for that meal was about 15 grams, or five grams if subtracting fibre.

I actually find this way of eating way more filling and satisfying than the “original” high-carb versions of these foods. And it’s zero stress as far as figuring out blood sugar or boluses go.


Looks good!

What do you use to sweeten it?

Well, this one was store bought, so it has sugar.

If I made my own, I’d use Swerve most likely. Or maybe stevia.

Sometimes for dessert I’ll make chocolate pudding by whipping together a can of coconut cream, cocoa powder, and confectioner’s Swerve. It’s quite good!

Tonight I made hot chocolate with cocoa powder, some stevia, and some almond milk. And hot water, of course. I also added a pepermint teabag to make it a peppermint hot chocolate drink.


I just love the results of this way of eating. Tight control with virtually no lows. I’m excited to find out what my A1c is in a couple of weeks.


Fantastic graph! I only eat coconut milk ice cream that’s sweetened with agave syrup (Coconut Bliss and Nada Moo brands here), and try to avoid the ones with cookie/brownie pieces (except for special occasions). I generally do ok with those, though I still have to double my usual bolus for them.

I checked, and the ones above have agave syrup. But to me, it’s all sugar. :slight_smile: Thankfully, I don’t need to double my bolus for them.

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I’m not sure if it’s the sugar or just other things added, but I do notice the brands like So Delicious with regular sugars tend to be more spiky for me.

Yeah, So Delicious spikes me, too. I think it has a higher sugar content than some other brands.

Coincidentally, I was looking through my saved Facebook posts for a recipe, and I found this post to a personal-sized ice cream maker. I wouldn’t buy a big ice cream maker, but this I might consider!

I have a Breyer CarbSmart ice cream bars every night. They only have four to six net carbs and the ice cream is very creamy. Who knew sugar alcohols could be so good?

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With sugar alcohols, do you take those into account at all when deciding on a proper dose? Or do you ignore them like they are not even there?

I just ignore sugar alcohols and fiber. And I generally take no insulin for five to six carbs, depending on what my Bg and direction is.

I generally bolus for half of fibre and half of sugar alcohols and would bolus half a unit for four or six grams of carbs (plus fibre or sugar alcohols if significant). But that’s still not bad. Though sugar alcohols scare me a bit because of the effects they can have on one’s stomach…

Sugar alcohols have very pronounced laxative effect on me. But for a creamy Ice Cream bar it’s worth it!