Low/Lower Carb Breakfast Recipes

These are some recipes I use regularly as low-lower carb breakfast options. I make a batch (or double), and eat off of them for several days. The pancakes and muffins freeze well if you want to make them ahead for a single quick-grab breakfast (I haven’t tried freezing any of the others). I got donut pans for Christmas, so I’ll be testing almond flour recipes for donuts and bagels soon.

I can’t tolerate any alternative sweeteners (other than monkfruit), so if a recipe calls for added sugar, I generally use agave nectar or coconut sugar. I would imagine most of these recipes will work with alternative sweeteners, but I haven’t tried it. If you do, let me know how it turned out!

These biscuits are a quick and easy option. I eat dairy-free, so I substitute Earth Balance butter (coconut oil also works). The recipe usually make 10-12 biscuits, which comes out to ~4g carbs each.

I love pancakes, but my entire family (all non-diabetic except for me) has always had trouble with the high carbs causing a crash later. These low carb pancakes are a great option, as they end up being 2-3g carbs each! I don’t get the same yield as the recipe, because I make my pancakes a little bigger than they do. I omit the stevia, and I have made several varieties (blueberry, chocolate chip, etc) using this as a base successfully.

These blueberry scones are my favorite “treat” breakfast. I use 3-4T agave to sweeten it, and omitting the vanilla extract doesn’t make them any less yummy. I have found I get exactly 10 scones every time I’ve made this recipe.

This banana muffin recipe is the one I use most often, as we almost always have overripe bananas waiting to be used. I do add 2T agave because they’re fairly bland as is, especially if your bananas aren’t nearing the black stage. :wink:

Another muffin recipe, these blueberry muffins do require added sweetener. I use 2T agave for a double batch - I always double it, as the original recipe only makes 6. I would imagine whole milk would work instead of coconut milk. I have substituted almond milk (1/2c for a double batch since it’s thinner than coconut milk) successfully.

I make this coffee cake when we have guests over on the weekends. I have substituted both coconut sugar and agave for the honey, and I generally cut the amount in half, because I feel it’s sweet enough, especially with the sugary topping. I don’t use a food processor, just mix the dry ingredients, then wet in a separate bowl, then mix to combine. The greatest thing about this recipe is I have mixed up just the cake ingredients and used it as the topping for cobblers - it works out very well.


As a note, we try to avoid large quantities of the artificial sweeteners, but find that in many recipes if you just use actual sugar but reduce the quantity you get very reasonable results that tastes great, and has just a few additional carbs than the artificial version.

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This is how I approach most recipes. In all of the above, in the ones I don’t omit a sweetener, I just reduce, sometimes up to 1/2 the amount. The end result is still minimal carbs (for me), but some wouldn’t be considered low enough for someone doing, say, a keto diet.


I’m actually going to be making a video on this with my son Zane […] but we have a pretty strict routine of three options: Gluten Free (he’s celiacs) bread and turkey sausage. Oikos Protein Yogurt and turkey sausage, or for mornings he’s running a bit high we’ll use the folio cheese wraps and ham or sausage.

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Do you find you have to be selective about the brand of gluten free bread you use? I have celiac disease also, and it’s interesting to see the different effect on my BG levels some of the brands have - Schar and Canyon Bakehouse, in particular, are hard for me. Walmart (Sam’s Choice) bread causes a second spike 2-3 hours after I eat. I have good luck with Sprouts and Aldi brands, to name a couple.

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Honestly, we’re about 3 weeks into being celiac … so unsure. He seems to do ok with Aldi’s bread so far. Surprisingly he did really well with Blaze Pizza too.

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So sorry for the new diagnosis. :slightly_frowning_face: There are a few of us here who have celiac disease or are parents of a child w/CD, if you have any questions.

And I guess my post is now a heads up that not all GF breads are created equal (though YDMV - your [son’s] diabetes may vary). Taste/texture varies, too…

@Pianoplayer7008, these look absolutely great! I am going to see if we can get the ingredients here in Spain. I can’t wait to try them with my son.


I hope they work out well for you - let me know!