Baking your own low-carb bread

Am I the only one that makes my own bread? Everyone seems so amazed that I do it, especially when they find out it’s in an oven and not a bread maker. With an hour in the kitchen each month I can make four loaves which last me a month if I’m eating a sandwich every weekday, much longer if I’m not.

I use almond flour for the bread, or more recently have used homemade sunflower seed or pumpkin seed flour, since so many schools are nut-free. I follow an extremely simple recipe, so the bread is pretty borning, but I may try something fancier one of these days.

Some of the breads you guys are mentioning, at 6g and 9g per two slices, sound just as low-carb as the stuff I make.


@Jen, I wouldn’t mind baking some too. What is your recipe?

This is the recipe I started out with last year when I first began baking. It’s a very basic recipe.

There are a million other low-carb bread recipes. Some delicious-looking ones rely on a lot od dairy, so I haven’t been able to try those. (Look up, for example, “fat head pizza” for an example of low-carb pizza crust that’s apparently delisious but that I haven’t been able to try.)


Nope. I’ve been making all kinds of bread, by hand, since I was 12. I don’t bake low-carb as a rule, and though I’ve done it a couple of times for visitors, I’ve never been eager to return to them. Probably the “best” was Peter Reinhart’s Toasting Bread, which is built on flaxseed meal and pecan flour, and was kind of tolerable to me toasted, though our visitors loved it (but they were sort of '70s hippie commune types to begin with). It was from his book The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking, but someone has reprinted it here:

Fewer and fewer people do anything in the kitchen these days, it seems. Recently one of my partner’s Facebook friends – an adult, a parent – proudly announced she had made whipped cream from scratch. :worried:


Dang that is super simple. I will give it a try! I used to make cloud bread but it is not doughy enough to my liking so I don’t do it much anymore.

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I baked a loaf using the recipe you posted, except used xylitol instead of splenda. I like the results! The texture is nice and bread-like and it is reasonably crumble-resistant. Next time I’ll probably add a bit of salt and perhaps some flaxseed to mix the texture up a bit. Thanks for the tip!


Glad you like it! I’ve added flaxseed and it’s great. This bread is also great toasted!

What a lovely pic and a great endorsement!

This is motivating me to do the same. I may just try this tomorrow eve if I have all the ingredients.

I’ve made a similar bread to that one - almond flour is a wonderful thing. I also make pancakes, muffins, banana bread, etc with it.

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For the dairy-free folks, I just made this bread the other day using 1/4 cup of coconut oil instead of my typical 1/2 cup of DF margarine, and it turned out denser than usual but yummy! I didn’t beat together the coconut oil with anything since I omitted the stevia, so that may have made it a bit less dense. I’ve been using it for my sandwiches this week and will continue to use coconut oil in the loaves for the time being.

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