Supply bags

yeah strips. It looks big in the picture but maybe that’s zoom?

It is:
56 mm long
14 mm wide
18 mm tall



Neat! Another idea to add to my upcoming birthday wishlist (which currently consists of instant pot accessories and medical alert jewelry…I live an exciting life, obviously). :laughing:


That is an amazing product - the strips, BG meter, and lancets built into a watchband!


My Myabetic bag arrived today. I like it. There is a compartment on the side that is insulated for my supplies that need to remain cool. Here it is all packed up. Finally putting the old camo bag to rest (but not throwing it away…may need it someday. lol)

T1 Alert Zipper Button

Bag Pockets - Labeled

Small Side Compartment

Large Side Compartment 1

Large Side Compartment 2

Center - Two-sided Compartment area


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It looks like you have everything you might ever need. Would you be willing to share your packing list?

Certainly! Replaced the images previously inserted, with labeled pictures.

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That is an attractive bag, look like Liam is going to the office. :grinning:

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His old bag was always bulging and nearly wouldn’t close. This bag allows us to carry everything we may need for normal trips (to the park, for instance), and also had some space for additional supplies that we will want to take on extended trips. I’m sure, for extended trips, we’ll need even more space…so we’ll just pack the other things (such as extra CGM sensor kits, etc.,) in suitcases and such.

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Just as a side note - if you ever need it in an emergency - you CAN fill an omnipod with an insulin pen, or any syringe you have handy.

With an insulin pen, you just dial up the max dose on the pen, stick it in the pod fill port, inject it slowly. Re-dial, and repeat until you have enough in the pod.

If you have a failed pod and a syringe, you can pull the insulin out of the failed pod with the syringe, and just use the syringe to fill the new pod

Obviously, these may not be ideal ways of doing it, but in an emergency if you don’t have what you need, it can get the job done. Practically any needle or syringe will work on the pod fill port.

Might I suggest another thing for your bag?

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Also, notice the film roll tablet containers? :smiley: Recommendation from one of you guys that totally rocks. I have 20 of these filled with 5 each. We empty one, put it on the “empty” side and grab another. Much easier than carrying a bag or a huge vial of them.

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That’s good to know! The good thing about the Omnipod is that each POD comes with it’s own syringe! For an extended trip, we’ll have a whole box of PODs. You see I also have 3 extra syringes in the center compartment large mesh zipper area.


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Right, but you never know when you are gonna drop that fill syringe on the floor of the subway bathroom…:persevere:
So if that happens, don’t fret, any syringe will work!

I would suggest adding a few one dollar bills to the bag. Quarters are even better!

There are times when a vending machine is helpful for lows. Like in an office building or hotel, and the only access to food or drink is a vending machine. Being stuck with only 20 dollar bills in your wallet sucks in that situation.

I used to have a bag of quarters in my desk at work just for lows.Sometimes the vending machine would not “like” the one dollar bills, if they were mangled or ripped or whatever, the machine would spit them back out. But quarters always worked!


Film containers for glucose tablets are a good idea! I use these little containers - one fits three glucose tablets perfectly. It’s the perfect size for when I’m in a meeting or teaching and want glucose tablets immediately available but don’t want to carry a whole roll (I always do have rolls or a large container in my bag, though). (I found them locally for about $3.00, not sure why the Amazon link is so expensive.)


$14.36 for a 15-pack of film canisters on Each one holds 5.

And I noticed something as I was perusing my past orders on Amazon searching for this information. I spend WAY too much money on Amazon…


Really nicely planned and done!

I have found that it is best not to look. Just saying…


Wanted to mention, extra batteries for PDM and BG meter are good things to have too. Not that you would need to always carry them around, but if you put them in the bag, they would be less likely to end up in a TV remote or XBox controller, like they would if you just had the batteries sitting in a drawer somewhere. :grinning:

At least that’s the way it works in my house…


Those are things we definitely had in our old container and they’ll be added to this one! Nothing worse than needing AAA batteries and not having them.