@Trying, do you use a glucose meter that auto-uploads over BT or wifi, or do you hard-connect?


@Michel No, I use the omnipod built-in meter, Free Style. It doesn’t auto upload. I use a separate open source app, Nightscout Uploader, to upload all day on the OmniPod. I actually upload the OmniPod data physically to Diasend. Then export it from Diasend to csv and import the csv to Nightscout Uploader which syncs with NS, xDrip+ and Tidepool. A lot of apps for what should be completely automated!!! :slight_smile:


@Trying. You should try the new xDrip+ feature of Nightscout follower acting as the data source that JamOrHam just added. Might save you a few steps!


@docslotnick Oh, I wasn’t aware of it. I’ll pull it down and see if I can eliminate some steps! I know he has been promising basal support, too :slight_smile: Thank you!


So true! In a few years we will look back at today and think our times feel like the Neolithic…

Your upload chain is complex :frowning:

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Could you explain why you do all of this? What’s the end goal of all this? To me, plugging in my receiver into the computer and getting the receiver updated into the Dexcom site + plugging in my PDM and getting that data uploaded into Clarity is all I need? What’s the purpose of all those machinations of imports and exports? I’m sure you have a really good reason for doing all that so I’d love to understand.

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I don’t use the Dexcom site or Clarity. I only use xDrip+ which auto uploads BGs to Nightscout and recently, Tidepool. I use the other apps to get the OmniPod data, insulin and carbs, uploaded to Nightscout and xDrip+. Perhaps there is an easier way? If so, please describe, I’m all ears!! :slight_smile:

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@ClaudnDaye, do you have an efficient way to upload your PDM data to Clarity?

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haha. Yes, that would be nice. No I meant Glooka.

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It is the strangest thing that simply getting our pump (and glucose meter) data uploaded is such a pain when you consider how much help it would be.


Ah, that’s the same as what I’m doing, using diasend which I think is now Glooka, right?

@Michel Yes, agree, but it is slowly getting more user friendly. Even with the very user friendly app, sugar mate, incredibly doesn’t support uploading pump data still though! :frowning:

Sugarmate.io not displaying all BGs

I will be the grammar Nazi here. It contributes nothing to the conversation, but it continually bugs me. I dont know why.

But the app and the company are named Glooko, not Glooka.

Carry on.


Great. Thanks for your contributions, Doc. :wink:

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