Btw, xDrip+ (on Android, of course) has a similar feature for emergency. You can configure it to send a text with the PWD’s location via its Emergency Messages screen accessed from the upper, right, 3-dot menu…

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Texts do literally zero for me when I am sleeping. I barely hear alarms anymore. It’s why I like the phone call…I hear those because they don’t stop until you pick them up. Very loud and annoying. Nothing like it for me. Nada.


Are you using sugarmate.io with xDrip+? On Sugarmate Sign Up, I’m given an email address to enter into the Dexcom App, which I do not use? Are you using the Dexcom App? Thanks!!


yes, I did set up Emergency Bypass.


Welp, that was weird, and I am exhausted. But i woke up to each and silenced them. Knew I needed to run a lower temp basal but couldn’t drag myself to do it. Still, so much better than my typical low alerts in terms of awareness.

So impressed!


Slept through a low alarm last night, woke up to urgent low. Even my husband slept through it. I am going to look into SugarMate!


Make sure your push notifications settings are correct to ensure only those that you want to be sent out are being sent out. Will update this post with screenshots of mine when I get to a PC. Images to large to attach atm.

Emergy Contacts
Notice I set this to 70…I do this because I want this call BEFORE he’s actually urgently low. Getting the call at 70 makes sure I can treat him (most of the time) before he dips too low. I’m thinking of even pushing that up to 80 or 90 because there are occasions where 70 is just too low to correct in time (if arrow is straight down)…so getting that notication earlier during the night will help prevent all lows (hopefully).

Push Notification (screen 1)

Push Notification (screen 2)


@Trying Yes. I set up sugar mate as a follower in the Dexcom Share followers upload, using the email address they gave me. Works very well!


Anyone had this issue with the Calendar display? It worked perfectly last night. Rebooted both my phone and watch, and still getting this.

The app is working fine. Just not seeming to relay to the watch?


!! ETA: Eventually, I got around to troubleshooting various things. Of the three things I tried, this was what finally got my watch readings back up and running.

Will continue to update if I’m getting inconsistent watch performance.


We don’t have the smartwatch, so can’t help with that troubleshooting. Sorry!

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I love being able to see all this data on my work laptop, while in the office.


Got this working in the browser on Mac! Thank you! HWR, not able to sign in with the provided email address on my Android. Do you use the sugarmate generated email address during Sign Up for subsequent logins? Silly question, I know!

Figured it out - it is the email associated with your dexcom account! Now able to login :slight_smile:


I edited my post above just now once the third trouble-shooting technique worked. Still curious about the time range above the bg reading. What’s the range of time trying to accomplish?IMG_1656


The time range is basically part of Sugarmate’s addition of the “event” into your calendar so the data can show up here. I’m guessing they set the time to 12 minutes to allow for a little lag on the update of the calendar app

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What’s a good, cheap iPhone I could use to try this out on and cheap service? We have all Android stuff in our home but this looks pretty cool.


Cheap and iPhone don’t usually go in the same sentences. Lol. I see some refurbished S6s for about $200 on eBay.


The SE line is generally less expensive. Both of my children are running these, and they have lasted 4 years for $450. Not a bad per year expense on phones.

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Is there anyway to upload pump (OmniPod) data to Sugarmate? It doesn’t seem to upload it from Nightscout.


To my knowledge it does not communicate with any pump.

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Oh, that is unfortunate if insulin bolus/basal must be manually entered. That is a real disadvantage to the other webapps (NS, Tidepool). I do like Sugarmate’s clean UI and ease of use. I like Sugarmate Glance, too, on the Mac menubar. There is an open source menubar app which works directly w/ NS data so it doesn’t involve storing BG data yet another place (Sugarmate, Tidepool, Mlab for NS, xDrip+, etc!), but Glance’s UI is leaps and bounds more useful! :star_struck:

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