So I got to thinking about Sugar Mate and what configurations would be possible in order to see data remotely via the web portal and the Sugar Mate app and all the other methods possible for Sugar Mate. So I’m trying to wrap my mind around what devices are required and hope that someone has the correct combinations of devices that COULD make all the data possible to be viewed by others?

First, this app effectively allows you to get rid of the receiver (put it in a drawer). As long as the phone has the G5 mobile app and you have the Sugar Mate as a follower, you can share the data with multiple people via viewing/logging into the web URL, or via one of the other devices sharing methods.

So, the iPhone is the first. If you have the iPhone with the Sugar Mate app on it, you can see the data on the web portal as long as the phone is near the transmitter and you’ve added Sugar Mate as a follower in the G5 Mobile app.

Besides the iPhone, I know the Apple Watch is possible to have the app on it but the question I have about the watch is…does one STILL have to have the phone nearby with the G5 mobile app on it? I tend to think yes.

There are options for Mac and an app provided for that platform, but the phone is still required here as well I would think.

Then there is the Web URL that gets populated from the G5 Mobile follow.

I really like this because it’s “live” data…there is no 15-minute delay. The data propagates into the iCloud calendar that allows for the immediate updating of the data on all devices. It’s very clever.

Sugar Mate is currently offered for the iPhone, iPad, Macc App, Responsive Web app (, Apple Watch, Alexa Skill, Siri, CarPlay (via Siri), Apple Health, Android (via the web app), Excel, SMS, and Voice calls.

I only wish it were for android because at present, I am the one with the iPhone in our house so I “believe” that in order for me to see the web data at work, I would need to keep my phone at home since it’s got the SugarMate app installed?

But then I’m thinking…the G5 Mobile app has Sugar Mate as a follower…so why wouldn’t the data just get fed into the iCloud regardless of the G5 Mobile app that happens to be capturing the data? Erin’s android has the G5 Mobile App installed and it’s the same account and has the Sugar Mate email within it.

That’s the part I’m not sure about…so anyone that knows, please let me know!

I know this message rambled somewhat, but my thoughts are always rambled so, yeah.


Oh, the three things I love most about Sugar Mate are

  1. You get a telephone call (And the call tells you it’s from Sugar Mate and informs you that the BG’s are at a dangerous level and tells you the actual number) whenever you’re low or other events.

  2. You can turn on GPS for the app so that SugarMate sends a text message to an emergency contact that’s set up within the app and informs the follower that the person has an urgent low blood sugar and their last location and links the GPS location (just in case that person is unconscious in a ditch somewhere while walking home after coming home from a club). :smiley:

  3. You get texts that make distinct sounds that you can configure whenever there is a triggering event such as a predictive high, low, or you’ve been over a certain limit for 2 hours.

Really exciting app and the dev deserves a lot of kudos for it.

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Yes, the watch basically can’t do much without the phone nearby (even the one with cellular, I may be wrong but I think the cellular version pretty much just lets you call/text/GPS without your phone)

I believe this is how it works :slight_smile: I’m not like, positive though because my phone is acting as my Dex receiver and I also have Sugarmate on it. But if I force close Sugarmate on my phone, the Mac app appears to still update!

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If this is the case, then that would be awesome. I’ll test it Monday as I have to go into the office and will have my iPhone with me. So, if I get to work and can log into and see his data it works…if the data isn’t there, I guess her phone capturing the data doesn’t update the portal (even though I wouldn’t understand why since the follower is there regardless of which G5 phone is capturing the data.")



@ClaudnDaye I don’t know the answer, but the sugar mate site looks awesome!

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Why, though? I can see that you need a phone with the G5 app near the transmitter, but why would the Sugarmate app need to be there too since it can be a follower?

I have to say I really wish it were on Android too after your description. Btw, since when are you the one with the iPhone? I thought you were Android all the way?

I am, but refer to this post from April 2017.

At the time the G5 Mobile app was only available on the iPhone so I bought the iPhone then nearly as soon as I did that, they rolled out the G5 mobile app for the Android but it was too late as I was already locked into the contract. lol. But yeah, I’ve had this since like March of 2017. :smiley:

Now that I see Sugar Mate is only for iPhone, I’m glad I have it. lol


The app probably doesn’t “have” to be…you could only look at the data on the web portal if you wanted too or the watch, or whatever…but having it on the phone is just another way to have the data accessible. Without the app, you can’t set up the phone calls (or get phone calls), set alert thresholds, predictive high and low responses, etc.,

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Has Sugarmate called you yet, @ClaudnDaye?

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Yes. Multiple calls and they have helped me avoid several nighttime lows so far.


Seriously?? Okay, I’m doing something wrong. I did add them to my address book and thought I turned it on, but I haven’t gotten any calls. I’m not even sure I would really want them, but I’d love to at least try it.

And it comes up as “Sugarmate” or whatever you named it, right??

Yes. Make sure you have it switched on.


Here’s the phone log from the last few days. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ll check now!

this is the most I’ve ever been in range! Love sugarmate already! :rofl:


I am confused on how the SugarMate interacts (or does not) interact with the Dexcom G6 Mobile App on the Apple iPhone as well as what runs on the Apple watch.

It sounds like on the posts above that both the Dexcom App and the SugarMate app both run concurrently on the phone?

And then what goes to the Apple Watch. Would it be the Dexcom or the SugarMate? And is the SugarMate better on the Apple Watch as opposed to what Dexcom (currently) provides?


I’m in the middle of setting it up but the sugarmate offers the difference between your current and prior number

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SugarMate gets the data from the G5 Mobile app after you add it as a follower. From there, the data is stored in the iCloud and capable of being read on the computer, phone (via the app), smartwatch, etc., via real time.

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@Michel Sugar Mate acts like an app on android too. Just go to your Sugar Mate website on your phone, click on the three dot menu in Chrome, and add it to your home screen. It puts an icon on your home screen that makes it look like an app. Works like an app too.

I’ve been using it on my Samsung Note 8 for several days, and it’s great!


Yep, via the Android web app.

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