xDrip -vs- SugarMate


I’m trying to figure out what substantive content/features that xDrip provides (not all the bells and whistles that don’t really matter)…that SugarMate doesn’t provide?

I’m scratching my head trying to remember what xDrip offered me that SugarMate isn’t offering me with much less trouble, no errors or troubleshooting required, no updating to any nightly build, etc., etc.,…

One thing that puts SugarMate over the top to me is the phone calls that you can receive.

I do know that xDrip provides the different “lines” for trending which is nice, but SugarMate has predictive highs and lows texts which do the similar thing without the visuals (which weren’t accurate for us when we used it in xDrip most of the time.) Just knowing you’re trending high or low is helpful and is accommodated within both apps.

So, I’m looking for someone that’s an expert in both technologies (@docslotnick possibly), that can provide a comparison between the two. Which wins? Why? What’s in one that isn’t in the other? etc.,


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@ClaudnDaye Actually, they are fairly similar. The only reason I use Sugar mate is for the flux number because I want to work on my SD.

But xDrip+ I believe is very much superior for the patient, if he’s old enough to use it properly. The Predictive features are superior if they are used properly ( my prediction settings are right on and don’t change much). It also gives an AGP report which is a big thing trying to control SD. You can have xDrip+ send texts if you wish also.

I guess the big difference is how much you want to dig into settings and how patient you are. XDrip+ didn’t really work well until I had spent a couple of months with it. Sugar Mate worked in about 2 minutes.

Bottom line is, I like Sugar Mate, but I wouldn’t give up xDrip+ for it, as it does everything I want it to do.


If you want to use IFTTT, then you have to use XDrip+ to get to Nightscout which is the only thing that I can find that currently integrates with IFTTT. What I would give for Dexcom to integrate with IFTTT natively. That would be so awesome for all of the reasons you mention above, i.e. a little finicky and the requirement to keep up to date on all the software updates.

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SugarMate has Nightscout integration capability and also integrates with devices such as Alexa. Although no direct IFTTT to my knowledge.


Not necessary to take xDrip+ nightly updates. Can update only Beta releases, which are better tested and less frequent. I agree it is finicky, partially due to too many and hard to find options, and insufficient documentation. And it does sometimes flake out and require a reset. In general I prefer open source apps though, and the solution to issues is of course to help fix it. I hope to contribute at some point though at this point I’m still learning to use it better.


You can set up Nightscout to pull data from the Dexcom share server, so you don’t need xDrip+/Spike to use Nightscout. You can just use the Dexcom app if you want to

Sugar mate can pull data from Nightscout but I don’t think it can send data to Nighscout, may be wrong on that though.


Nope, that’s right and what I was trying to say above but you said it more intelligently. :stuck_out_tongue:

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