G6 transmitter on apple watch

Hi everyone, soon I should be switching from the freestyle libre to the g6 Dexcom transmitter. I’ve read that it’s compatible with the Apple Watch, US only however. Being in Italy I was wondering what this implies. It happens by chance that my Apple Watch is a us version and also I have my iPhone set to us. Will this enough to use the Apple Watch to check my glucose? Or there’s no way at all to get the readings on the Apple Watch? Thank you very much, really look forward to your replies, I really hope that the g6 will be as I’m hoping it to be!

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Yes, if you install the Dexcom app on your iPhone and Apple Watch. The Dexcom app does NOT operate in standalone mode though on your Apple Watch. You’ll need your iPhone to be in-range (of Bluetooth with your transmitter) in order to get BG readings on your Watch. Dexcom has said they will be providing a standalone version once the new, G6 transmitters are more fully integrated into their customer base. Not sure what that means but I hope sooner than later! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your reply… I was a bit scared that I had either to be in the us or to have a us phone as well in order for the Apple Watch watchface to work, I’m so relieved that that isn’t the case!


Please report back if you find any issues with this functionality working or not working. It will help our members tremendously.

Welcome from Italy! Just as a side note. I have the 1st gen Apple Watch and and am waiting until my G6 is compatible as a stand alone from my iPhone before purchasing the Gen 4.

The Dexcom App on my Watch is slow to show readings so I have the Sugarmate App on my iPhone. It is compatible with the Apple Watch and the readings are more consistently shown than the Dex App. Sugarmate has lots of other good options that I like too.

Thank you very much for the tips, I don’t know much about other apps compatible for the Watch, I don’t have it yet, I would have to buy it from a friend. May I ask you whether the sugarmate app has the glucose readings in the watchface or whether you have to press something or go to the app? I read that it goes through the calendar but couldn’t find any mentions of having it in the watchface

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Yes, it works through the calendar on the watch face. I will send a pic. Also the app support are very helpful with setting it up. You can see their info in the App Store.

That’s amazing!! Thank you so much for the info and for the very kind picture to give me an idea!!

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