Dexcom Direct to Apple Watch update 3/2019


This was a tidbit that was gleaned from a healthline article that @T1john posted recently. Gives some hope that this will become more than vaporware in 2019.

  • Apple Watch Feature – Users can also add an icon to check their glucose level when customizing the face of their Apple Watch Series 4. Unfortunately, Dexcom doesn’t yet allow for direct-to-watch functionality; you still need the smartphone as the middleman between the CGM and Apple Watch. Dexcom says it expects to launch that functionality by year’s end, but it will initially require users to get a new G6 transmitter because of the differences in Bluetooth. Following that launch, the company will of course begin shipping transmitters already fitted for the integration.

That would be really amazing :astonished:


When it comes out, I hope it connects to earlier Apple Watch Series, because otherwise I will have to go purchase a 4 series watch. Uugh. With my oldest attending college this August, I am not in need of additional expenses.


I hope the new transmitters w/ bluetooth changes does not break xDrip+ which already supports direct to watch CGM readings!!


It may become more difficult for Xdrip+ to work because according to a recent review paper the FDA is getting tougher. See quote below.

The Dexcom G6 CGM System was granted De Novo clearance in March 2018 by the US FDA as the first of its kind interoperable CGM (iCGM) System. The FDA also published several special clinical performance metrics for an iCGM. One of these special controls requires manufacturers to demonstrate that ‘‘The device must include appropriate measures to ensure that disposable sensors cannot be used beyond its claimed sensor wear period.’’Dexcom is obligated to take measures at all times to prevent sensors from restarting and as such must continually evaluate design mitigations to ensure adherence to this special control.’’


Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this. I use xDrip+ for its great features, not really for extending the sensor, as I often don’t even reach 10 days. I suppose they just want users to stick to the “proven/tested” wear time :thinking::thinking:

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I think the bigger issue is the FDA getting involved. That tends to scare companies into compliance because if they revoke the clearance it is game over.


From the original article:

introducing the long-awaited " Hey Siri, What’s My Glucose? "

Boy, this has been #1 on my request list for years! Joy!!! (NOT)


OR have Siri even be able to monitor and say, “Kaelen, your BG is 99 double down. You really should eat a snack.” lol. Maybe one day!

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Not gonna lie this sounds useful for me when driving or in lab, I just set it up :stuck_out_tongue:

You can make the phrase anything you want, I ask my Siri “what’s my bloodsugar?” which sounds a little less clunky than “what’s my glucose?”


Would an HSA allow that purchase? @ClaudnDaye uses one and might know?


HA! EH was so excited about that. He does that often – I think mostly it’s just for fun. I can’t imagine him using it in the middle of a meeting! Maybe while he’s driving? I will say, it’s very specific “hey Siri what’s my blood sugar?“ Key word there being what’s.

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Clearly I should’ve finished reading through the entire thread. :rofl::grin:


You know I’ve never thought about it but I’m going to inquire about it. Very interesting question

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I’ve had that with a cheap Amazon Alexa dot w sugermate for i think about a year. I even set it up so i can say Computer instead of Alexa, then Sugermate bloodsugar. I did it for about a week and then my wife told me to stop, it was annoying her.


Ha!!! Amazing! If ever she had stopped thinking about diabetes, Computer was there to remind her?

This SugarMate thing seems to be all the rage. Maybe I’ll have to check it out.


Do you happen to know, can you acknowledge/cancel a Dexcom alert this way, or just see the current CGM reading? The ability to hands-free cancel the alert while driving might be enough to convince me to start talking to my phone.


I don’t think so, it only has the option of adding a shortcut to explicitly “get glucose”, you can’t have Siri do anything else unfortunately.


That would be awesome…New to Dexcom and went and purchased a apple watch with cellular service…I was thinking with cell service there would be no reason it wouldn’t work. Shoulda read more first…hahaha. My 7 year old daughter was all a mess because she thought people would realize that she never carried a purse at school and now she has to…today is day one…see how gymnastics and MMA practice goes…being able to use the watch for most things without the phone being on you at all time would be a piece of mind maker…


Yes it would be lovely to have Dex go directly to the watch, unfortunately this is still vaporware with the Apple Watch.

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