Strong plastic boxes for D gear under-bed storage?

I am looking for some strong clear plastic boxes with sealing lids, about as wide as a regular tote box, but flatter, more or less 16-20 quarts, that we can use to stow D gear under beds. It would be nice if it is strong enough to double up as book boxes too :slight_smile:

We have a few, very strong, that we bought at Costco in bundles of 3s a few years ago. But for the life of me I can’t find any more of them locally anywhere. I am tired of buying those junky cheap plastic boxes from Walmart or Target that break after a year or two.


All I know is don’t buy the sterilite ones. We got those and they break routinely after holding things no heavier than a handful of plastic dinosaurs. Then again I’m assuming @Kaelan doesn’t jump on his boxes either…


Do they have any brand or markings on them? Totally cheesy, but can you upload a picture? That way I think I’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

I am really into under bed storage – and pretty much any storage solutions that are available. I :heartpulse: storage.

We have had our under bed diabetes storage box since the beginning of diabetes in our life – and I believe that we have moved with it seven or eight times? The one thing I will say in the realm of plastic storage totes, being quite the connoisseur, is that the overall quality has massively decreased in the last 15 years. I would happily pay twice as much for a quality item that will last twice as long, but it’s becoming an impossibility to find things that are well-made.

I’ve been looking for an underbed box for blanket storage and wound up with one cheapo collapsible model from IKEA (the Skubb), the good part of that being the fact that it can be zipped – my hope is it will keep some of the dust and dog fur out of the stuff that’s inside of it. Having just pulled it out of the packaging and inspected it for diabetes related storage, I question if it’s sturdy enough. I think it would be fine if you were using it for blankets a handful of times every year. But we get into the diabetes box all the time.

I used to buy the sticky felt from the craft store and cut long strips to attach to the bottom of the plastic tubs to make them slide out from under the bed easier, but that fell off after 8 years of use or so (and I don’t care much about our current “distressed” hardwood).

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Do you have a Container Store near you? Not typically the cheapest option, but they have a great selection for this kind of thing. They also have a website. I’ve gotten some great underbed storage containers from them.


No brand, but here are two pics (the second one has a 12" ruler on the box)

I am a storage maniac too :slight_smile: So we now have two things in common now!

Same here. These D boxes need to be super sturdy. The one on the pic I use as a book box, but it would be ideal for D boxes for me.

I checked their web site, but that is a GREAT idea – I’ll drive and have a look. Local inventory is often different from online I think. There is one about 45 minutes away.

If I found the right box, I’d be ready to buy 50 or more. I have many uses for them.

I have absolutely no confidence in this brand either! But…

I would not put this beyond him :slight_smile:

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Just be prepared for the price at the container store. My lovely wife has a need to organize things in boxes, and she is not allowed in the container store with a credit card. She can bring cash, but no card. That store has good quality merchandise, but they act like it is made of gold.

Note: The before mentioned restriction was mutually agreed to within the confines of our marriage, and was not a unilateral decision imposed by me.


I like the way you qualify this statement. That was wise!


My very quickly learning to be “wise” and not always a “wise-ass” is why we are still going strong after 25 years together.