Spare Dexcom phone: good deals on AT&T and Verizon right now

I just found out you can buy a prepaid iPhone SE 32GB for $200 from AT&T and from Verizon. Prepaid = no plan.

If you are going to use it on Wifi only (since it is a spare for us), with AT&T, there is a “plan” where you can pay 25c per minute (basically emergency connectivity only), then have it network-unlocked after 6 months. Cost after 6 months = $200 + $1 (SIM card) +$25 prepaid card (good enough for 6 months) = $226.

You can’t buy the SE in store at AT&T (the deal is too good), so I just got one at Best Buy.

@Michel, you can also find great deals on gently used iphones on Swappa and Glyde. The IMEI’s have been checked and verified clean on both sites (they guarantee it) so you can run them as an unlocked phone on most networks.