Sharing dexcom g5

My 4 year old is starting preschool in September. I want to buy a phone for her so she is able to share her dexcom numbers with me. My husband and I have samsung Android phones. The cheapest phone I see to buy her is an iphone. Will an iphone phone share with phone?


Check the page:

Your child would run either of the apps:
Dexcom G6 App
Dexcom G5 Mobile App
(Depending on whether you get the G5 or the G6 system)
You would want to make sure your child’s smarphone is listed for this app as being compatible. Sometimes it is surprising what is NOT listed.

The parents would run the app:
Dexcom Follow App
Make sure the smartphone you (as the parents) have is listed here.

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if your daughter has the iPhone with Dexcom Share installed, then the app can share with you guys no problem. Either via XDrip or the Dexcom Follow app.

Thank you both. Good to know.
Also what are your thoughts on using a iphone touch( wifi only) vs having a phone with phone plan.
I know the iPhone touches are cheaper and dont need to pay a monthly fee so that might be something to think about. Some kids use the iPhone touch. The school has wifi in the building, just might go out on the playground.

@Nreid77 I wouldn’t risk a four year old with Wi-Fi only. It might be more expensive for a data plan but I’d bet you and your wife would sleep better.


@Nreid77, our son (who is also 4) is in enough places where cell phone service is spotty OR WiFi is spotty, but at least one is available, that we like the double coverage of having both a WiFi and cell-service enabled device. But you could probably get by with just using WiFi, and when our son goes to the public elementary (where there is ZERO cell service, as far as I can tell), we may switch to WiFi only.

Also FYI, with the g5 you get both a receiver and the phone, which means even if you’re somewhere with basically no reception you can still get readings onto at least one place. But with the upcoming g6 Dexcom (which will be showing up in the next 3 to 6 months), they will only have phone access to numbers, I think they’re phasing out the receiver completely.

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No. In the USA, the receiver is not being phased out with the G6.
G6 launch date is June 4.

Are you referring to the iPod Touch?
The G5 or G6 would connect direct via Bluetooth. The internet connectivity via wifi would only be to share the data with a remote follower.

Yes. The ipod touch…sorry used the wrong name. She would only be going to preschool 2-3 days a week for 2.5 hours a day and they have Wi-Fi in the school. It is spotty in the playground though. Would save me $ in a cheaper phone and not having to pay monthly service. Kindergarten might be a different story. Oh the things we have to think of as a parent of a diabetic. I WORRY so much. Makes me relax about everything else though. Probally makes me a better mom.
Thanks everyone!

If you really want to get functional, get a Jelly Pro, install xDrip+, and install xDrip+ on both your wife’s and your phones and set them to be xDrip+ followers. If your daughter logs it, you will see it.

Sounds difficult but it’s actually pretty easy and straight forward.

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Thanks. Never heard of a jelly pro. I will look into it.