What do I buy?

I’m looking for some suggestions and I’m cross-posting, hoping to get as many as possible.

My FitBit Charge 2 watch recently went kaput.

My iPhone 5 S - with the most current update (I always kept it current) - recently began freezing up; it bulks when I try to tap something to send a text, open the phone, make a call, … - it happened a few years ago and we had a company in the mall (not Apple) replace the screen or something like that. It worked fine until recently.

I use Dexcom G5 and OmniPod with PDM Glucometer built in.

I’m not planning to go to Dexcom G6 but eventually I’d like to be able to use OmniPod Loop.

So, here’s the question. Since I need a new watch/activitiy tracker and a new phone, which ones would you get, if you could and why? Ideally they would all talk to one another and be able to share data. And, ideally they would be receptive to other apps which make our life, well easier? Is there any such beast that does it all? What watch, phone, app,… do I buy?

Thanks for any help/suggestions you can offer!

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It isn’t the cheapest option but I would get one of the newer Iphones and the Apple watch. The combo works really well for my son, both to get the Dexcom complication visible every time he looks at the watch, but also for receiving communications and the exercise stuff.


Personally I’d go with an Apple Watch and an iphone 7 or later – but I’m stuck in the Apple ecosystem. We currently use an iPhone SE for Samson and it does do the trick but it’s a little slow and laggy. But for us, because he wears it on his back, we want the smallest possible footprint. SE has the same size as the 5S, it’s just a little bit more powerful.

If you’re a normal size human who puts your phone in a wallet or pocket, bigger models will be fine and will have more processing power. You can certainly OmniLoop with an Android watch but you’ll 100% need an iPhone. So to me the ability to see stuff on your wrist with that easy Apple integration is a big plus.


As an Android_centric user, the Apple products are generally easier to loop, officially or unofficially. With Android the experience is more hands on and less Aol 2.0,so there is more work to make everything work. Add to that the fractured Android ecosystem, and for relative ease, Apple is the way to go.

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Thanks @Chris! Our daughter has an Apple watch and has liked it. Ironically, when I was telling her the story about my FitBit watch, she told me her Apple watch is on the fritz too.

Thanks @TiaG! My iPhone 5 is much smaller than my husband’s 8, so it will take some getting used too that way. There is so much talk about OmniPod and looping I’m surprised I had the notion I had options on the type of phone. Thank you for clearing that up! That’s one choice I can say is off the list. What’s left to decide then is the watch and apps to track all of, well all! LOL

Wow @elver! That’s well put! Right now I’m looking for something, to use an older term, that’s “plug and play”, not something I’m going to have to fiddle with to make it work as intended! I’m getting closer now, unless someone shares something about a different activity tracker/watch, I’m leaning toward an Apple watch.

Thanks everyone!

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